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Financial Economics

This field is designed to prepare students to deal with theoretical and practical problems in the areas of modern finance relevant to portfolio management, financial management, and capital markets. Included are analytical and empirical approaches to:

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Consumption and investment decision under uncertainty
  • Theories of market equilibrium
  • Dynamic behavior of asset prices in the financial and real sectors and the concept of efficient markets
  • Relationships between the financial and real sectors
  • Normative theory of financial management

Required Course Work
Economics 83000 (Financial Markets and Instruments) and Economics 83600 (Financial Theory and Engineering) are required. Other useful courses, offered by the Ph.D. Program in Business at Baruch, include:

Finance 70000, Introduction to the Theory of Finance
Finance 81000, Corporate Finance Theory
Finance 81100, Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance Theory
Finance 83000, Financial Markets

Faculty Members and Areas of Research Interest

Gayle DeLong (Baruch), Financial Economics
Christos Giannikos (Baruch), Financial Economics
Devra L. Golbe (Hunter), Financial Economics
Armen Hovakimian (Baruch), Financial Economics
Norman Kleinberg (Baruch), Mathematical Economics
Ingmar Nyman (Hunter), Corporate Finance
Joan Nix (Queens), Finance and Game Theory
Lin Peng( Baruch), Financial Economics
Robert Schwartz (Baruch) Security Markets, Financial Economics
Yochanan Shachmurove (City), Financial Economics
George Vachadze (CSI), Financial Economics
Tao Wang (Queens), Financial Economics
Jeffrey Weiss (Baruch), Game Theory
Liuren Wu (Baruch), Financial Economics