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Educational Policy Analysis

The Educational Policy Analysis specialization trains students in the application of sophisticated research designs and statistical methods to critical educational policy problems. Examples of such problems include: Are private schools superior to public schools in producing academic achievement? What have been the effects of integration on student achievement and race attitudes? How bad is the drug problem among students, and which programs to reduce drug use have had an effect?

Program of Study

Researchers who conduct rigorous empirical studies to address these issues must have both substantive knowledge and strong methodological skills. Students will be prepared to design and conduct such studies using both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. The curriculum is multidisciplinary in nature with courses offered in Educational Psychology, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. The program includes apprenticeship opportunities in evaluation and policy work.

Graduates are prepared for University positions, research, evaluation, and policy analysis positions with government and non-government organizations, policy positions with foundations and corporations.


The faculty members are drawn from the doctoral faculty at the City University, as well as policy researchers from other organizations. Members of the doctoral faculty are:

Flugman, Bert
Rindskopf, David
Schonfeld, Irvin
Verkuilen, Jay