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Learning, Development, and Instruction

The Learning, Development, and Instruction specialization of the Doctoral Program in Educational Psychology is designed to provide students with background in theory and research and to teach students to design and conduct empirical studies to address important theoretical or practical questions and issues.

(1) The program prepares students to study, analyze and explain human cognitive, language, literacy, and learning processes in both formal and informal instructional contexts ranging from preschool through adulthood.

(2) The program prepares students to design and study instructional procedures that enhance learning, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions.

Processes of special interest include language and symbolic development, how children achieve communicative competence, reading and writing acquisition and instruction, use of computer-based multimedia environments to improve instruction in science and other content areas, and application of educational videogames to improve learning.

Processes characterizing special populations (e.g., second language learners, low SES urban students enrolled in NYC public schools, students with a reading disability) are of special interest as well.


Akiba, Daisuke
Armour-Thomas, Eleanor
Bhattacharya, Alpana
Brooks, Patricia
Chen, Peggy
Daiute, Colette
Ehri, Linnea
Halperin, Jeffrey
Homer, Bruce
Johnson, Helen
Kelly, Mario Antonio
Lipnevich, Anastasiya
Lucariello, Joan
Qian, Gaoyin
Young, Jason