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Faculty Books: Lyn Di Iorio [Sandin]

Lyn Di Iorio [Sandin]

Killing Spanish: Literary Essays on Ambivalent U.S. Latino/a Identity
(Palgrave Macmillan, Global Publishing at St. Martin’s Press, 2009; paperback ed.)

Killing Spanish
suggests that the doubles, madwomen, and other raging characters that populate the pages of contemporary U.S. Latino/a literature allegorize ambivalence about both present day American identity and past Caribbean and Latin American origins. The family novels Sandín explores—ranging from work by the Cuban American Cristina García to the island Puerto Rican Rosario Ferré—uncover the split between Americanized protagonists and their families, a split usually resolved through the killing of a character representing origins. Race and class differences, and poverty, cause protagonists in work by the Nuyoricans Piri Thomas, the Dominican American Junot Díaz, and others, to embrace the street as the new Latino home. If the family novels exact the death of "Spanish" in the person of a double character, the urban fiction and poetry project the "mean" street, churning with the productive and destructive energies of ambivalence, as the landscape of the fragmented U.S. Latino/a psyche. Lyn Di Iorio [Sandin] (City College) is an associate professor of English at the Graduate Center.

Submitted on: SEP 29, 2009

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