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Faculty Book: Edmund Epstein

Edmund Epstein

A Guide Through Finnegans Wake
(University Press of Florida, 2009)

Written in a complex, pun-based idiogloss and boasting a dreamlike narrative that defies conventions of plot and continuity, James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake has been challenging readers since its first publication in 1939. The novel is so famously difficult that it is widely agreed that only the brave or foolhardy attempt to unravel this well-known but relatively little-read classic. One of the world’s foremost Joyce scholars, Edmund Epstein, offers A Guide through Finnegan’s Wake, an accessible approach to Joyce’s work which provides handrails for beginners while presenting new insights for experienced readers. Edmund Lloyd Epstein (Queens College) is professor of English at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JUN 28, 2009

Category: English | Faculty Books