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Faculty Book: George Andreopoulos

George Andreopoulos, Zehra Arat, and Peter Juviler

Non-State Actors in the Human Rights Universe
(Kumarian Press, 2006)

bookcoverDespite the widespread acceptance of human rights at the normative level, actual progress toward the realization of human rights globally has been far from satisfactory. In taking a look at the question, this book departs from those analyses that focus on the role of the state and transcends, as well, the literature on the role of the NGOs. Instead, it urges the study of the entire human rights universe; examines a broad range of non-state actors engaged in various activities that violate, promote, or protect human rights; and stresses the need for mechanisms to curb human rights violations. Among the important issues explored by the contributing authors are bioethics, the genetic revolution, armed conflicts, battered women, the impact of the media, and welfare reform. George Andreopoulos is an associate professor of criminal justice and political science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JUL 1, 2006

Category: Criminal Justice | Faculty Books