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Victorian Studies Conference - "The Wars of Peace: the mundane violence of the Victorians”

MAY 03, 2019 | 9:00 AM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue


1218: Segal Theatre


May 03, 2019: 9:00 AM




The title is taken from Kipling’s White Man’s Burden, and both the source and the word we have cut, ‘savage,’ hangs over the whole conference. The unspoken idea of savagery, which Kipling meant to define the targets of British colonial despoilment, can of course speak to British policies and military actions, but also to the daily experience of bodily pain felt by so many Victorians, victims of domestic violence, substandard living conditions, untreated illnesses. Yet the spectacular claims of the word ‘savage’ can make us expect to see violence as a spectacle. Instead, this conference wants to see violence as the everyday way of life in the 19th century: the wars that constituted 19th c peacetime, the daily wars at home and the endless wars abroad. 

Meredith Martin (Princeton)
Lara Kriegel (Indiana)
Holly Furneaux (Cardiff U)
Nasser Mufti (Illinois at Chicago)
Cornelia Pearsall (Smith College)
Aeron Hunt (Boston College)
Zarena Aslami (Michigan State)
Anjuli Raza Kolb (Williams College)