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Duncan Faherty
Position: Associate Professor, Queens College
Campus Affiliation: Queens College
Phone: (718) 997-4668
Room Number: 3300.31
Office Hours: By appointment
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. CUNY Graduate Center
Research Interests: Eighteenth-century American literature; early U.S. literature and culture (1780-1850); American Studies; circum-Atlantic Studies
Specialization: Early American Literature|Nineteenth-Century US Literature

Duncan Faherty is the author of Remodeling the Nation: the Architecture of American Identity, 1776-1858. This interdisciplinary study argues that throughout the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Americans conceptualized their still unsettled political and social states through metaphors of home building. During this period, a pervasive concern with the design and furnishing of houses helped post-Revolutionary Americans manage previous encounters with settlements, both native and European, and imagine and remodel a new national ideal.

Selected Publications:

  • Remodeling the Nation: The Architecture of American Identity, 1776-1858. University of New England Press, 2007.

  • "'Legitimate sources' and 'Legitimate results': Surveying the Social Terror of 'Usher' and 'Ligeia.'" In Approaches to Teaching Poe's Poetry and Prose. New York, MLA, 2008.

  • "'A Certain Unity of Design': Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque and the Terrors of Jacksonian Democracy." In The Edgar Allan Poe Review 6 (2005): 4-21.

  • "'The Borderers of Civilization': Susan Cooper's View of Amderican Development. In Susan Fenimore Cooper: New Essays on Rural Hours and Other Works. Ed. Rochelle Johnson and Daniel Patterson. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2001. 109-29.

  • "'A Game of Architectural Consequence': Susan Fenimore Cooper's Dissolving View." In James Fenimore Cooper, His Country and His Art: Papers from the 1999 Cooper Seminar. SUNY Oneonta: James Fenimore Cooper Society, 2000.