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Elizabeth Tenenbaum
Position: Professor Emerita, Graduate School. English
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., Stanford University
Research Interests: Modernism; history of the novel; narrative theory; women's studies; particular interests in Conrad, Joyce, Lawrence, Woolf, Faulkner, James, and contemporary American women writers.
Specialization: African American Writings and Poetics

Selected Publications:

  • The Problematic Self: Approaches to Identity in Stendhal, D.H. Lawrence, and Malraux (Harvard University Press, 1977).

  • "'And the Woman Is Dead Now': A Reconsideration of Conrad's Stein," Studies in the Novel, 10 (Fall, 1978), 335-345.

  • "Beckett's Pozzo and Lucky: The Alternative to Waiting for Godot," Studies in the Humanities, 7 (September, 1979), 27-33.

  • "The Problematic Self," rpt. in D.H. Lawrence: Modern Critical Views, ed. Harold Bloom (New York: Chelsea House, 1986), pp. 195-199.

  • "Conrad as Nihilistic Conservative" (A review of Anthony Winner, Culture and Irony: Studies in Joseph Conrad's Major Novels), Review, II (Fall, 1989), 93-102.