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Emeritus Faculty

Barish, Evelyn
Paul de Man, life of; Biography, Nineteenth Century-- American and Victorian; Belgian history between the wars and World War II; London before and during World War II; Belgian literary history; Women's agency in above.
Bonaparte, Felicia
Victorian literature; the history of the novel, with special emphasis on all philosophic questions, in particular those questions grounded in epistemological issues and giving, through their concrete expressions, shape and meaning to the narrative by means of frames, structures, images, symbolism, use of literary traditions, use of literary texts, and the embedding of diverse genres.
Brownstein, Rachel
Satire and the novel, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries; graphic satire in England, especially the work of James Gillray; women's writing; biography; essays and letters.
Coleman, William
Medieval studies, with particular interest in the English, Italian, and Latin 14th century (especially Chaucer's sources: Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio); medieval manuscript study (paleography, codicology, and text editing); medieval Latin language and literature (especially liturgical drama); incunabula and the history of printing; 18th-century Age of Sensibility (especially the history of the gothic novel).
de Jongh, James
African-American literature; Harlem Renaissance and Africana literatures of the black awakening; African American literary modernism; American slavery in literature.
Dickstein, Morris
Contemporary literature and American studies; urban and ethnic fiction; realism and modernism; cultural criticism; English Romantic poetry; film genre and film history; politics and literature; literary journalism, literary criticism, and public intellectuals.
Greetham, David
Interdisciplinary textual theory; interactive technology; textualities; scholarly editing and bibliographical studies; history of the book, authorship, and reception; medieval English literature; history of literary criticism; critical theory and culture criticism; founder of Society for Textual Scholarship.
Hall, N. John
The 19th-century British novel; literary history; Trollope and Beerbohm; literary biography; scholarly editing; 19th- and 20th-century autobiography; illustrated fiction; caricature.
Humpherys, Anne
Victorian studies; popular literature; narrative theory; women's studies.
Joseph, Gerhard
Victorian literature, with specialization in poetry; contemporary theory, and the history of criticism; the contemporary novel; cyberculture and cyberfiction.
Kaplan, Fred
19th- and 20th-century British and American literature and culture; biography; the synthesis of lives and works, with emphasis on politics, history, aesthetics, gender, and social context; Dickens, Carlyle, Lincoln, Twain, James, Vidal.
McKenna, Catherine
Medieval English and European literatures, especially the languages and literatures of Ireland and Wales; Celtic studies.
Mlynarczyk, Rebecca
Composition/rhetoric, basic and second-language writing, qualitative research methodology, ethnography.
Perl, Sondra
Composition theory and rhetoric, felt sense, embodied knowing, digital composing, new media, creative nonfiction, memoir, Holocaust and genocide studies.
Stone, Donald
Victorian literature; history of the novel; visual arts and literature; intercultural relations (James to Rushdie).
Tenenbaum, Elizabeth
Modernism; history of the novel; narrative theory; women's studies; particular interests in Conrad, Joyce, Lawrence, Woolf, Faulkner, James, and contemporary American women writers.
Whatley, E. Gordon
Medieval literature; Old English, Middle English, medieval Latin, with emphasis on hagiographic texts, sources, and contexts.
Wittreich, Joseph
Milton, Milton's modernity, twentieth- and twenty-first century reincarnations of his last poems; the Romantics (with special interest in Blake); the Bible and literature, especially biblical hermeneutics, the prophetic books (particularly The Book of Revelation), and apocalypticism; the visionary tradition; theories of influence; reception theory; gay and lesbian literature and queer theory; feminist criticism and theory; narratology.