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Thinking with Archaeology of Babel

OCT 04, 2019 | 4:00 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue


4406: English Student Lounge


October 04, 2019: 4:00 PM




Taking flight with and from Professor Siraj Ahmed’s Archaeology of Babel: The Colonial Foundations of the Humanities (Stanford UP, 2018), this roundtable provides occasion to address the long roots and deep impact of colonialism as it shapes and figures how and with what consequences we conceptualize and study language(s).  How can we understand the work that we do in the study of human expressive practices in light of the foundational role of colonialism this book excavates?  What are the parameters and practices of a decolonized humanities in light of the acknowledgment of these colonial foundations? Panelists Shoumik Bhattacharya, Soojung Choe, and Catherine Engh will be joined by Professor Ahmed, who will offer both an overview of the book and responses to their remarks, as we engage such questions as these.