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Representations and Spaces in/of Children's Literature

FEB 28, 2020 | 4:00 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue


February 28, 2020: 4:00 PM




In Children’s Geographies, Sarah Holloway and Gill Valentine identify three key loci for children: Playing, Living, and Learning. The collection explores children's places from playgrounds, social networks, schools, streets, villages, and so much more. Put in conversation with Peter Hunt’s “Unstable Metaphors: Symbolic Spaces and Specific Places,” differentiating between the internal/personal of the “space” and the external/reality of the “place,” this panel continues the discussion of children’s places and spaces. Five English Program students (Beth Sherman, Chis Morabito,Tim Dalton, Sophie Riemenschneider, Elissa Myers) will present papers on topics ranging from representation of 9/11 objects to fantastic spaces in children's literature. With introductions by English Program students Dainy Bernstein and Kristi Fleetwood.