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Sam Di Iorio
Campus Affiliation: Hunter College
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D.
Research Interests: 20th century French literature, French cinema, theory

Associate Professor of French


Selected articles:

  • "Consequences." Chronicle of Summer DVD. New York: Criterion Collection, 2013.
  • "Bad Objects: Truffaut's Radicalism." A Companion to François Truffaut. Ed. Dudley Andrew and Anne Gillain. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
  • “Three Tracking Shots: Jacques Rivette Towards a Masterless Cinema.” The New Wave at Fifty. Spec. Issue of Contemporary French Civilization. 32:2 (Summer 2008): 85-112.
  • “Total Cinema: Chronicle of a Summer and the end of Bazinian Film Theory.” Screen 48:1 (Spring 2007): 25 -43.
  • “Chaîne et chaîne: Representation as Corrosion in François Bon’s Daewoo.” The French Novel Now. Spec. Issue of SubStance. 35:3 (December 2006): 5-22.
  • “The Woodcutter’s Gaze: Luc Moullet and Cahiers du Cinéma 1956-1969.” SubStance 34:3 (December 2005): 79-95.
  • “Tout passe sur l’image: Writing and Looking in François Bon’s Autoroute.” Contemporary French and Francophone Studies 9:3 (Fall 2005): 275-282.
  • “Border Crossing: Jean Rouch.” Film Comment 41:3 (May/June 2005): 58-62.
  • “Notes on Jean Rouch and French Cinema.” American Anthropologist 107:1 (March 2005): 120-122.
  • “Ponge et Godard: 2 ou 3 choses.” Ponge Résolument. Jean-Marie Gleize, ed. Paris: ENS Editions, 2004. 193 -203.
  • “The truth about Paris: Marker’s Le joli mai.” Film Comment 39:3 (May/June 2003): 46-47.