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Faculty Books

  • Professor Andrea Khalil published Gender, Women and the Arab Spring, (Routledge, 2015).
  • Professor Andrea Khalil published Crowds and Politics in North Africa: Tunisia, Algeria and Libya (Routledge, 2014).
  • Professor Mary Ann Caws published The Modern Art Cookbook (Reaktion Books, 2013). 
  • Professor Julia Przybos published Les aventures du corps masculin, Paris: José Corti, 2012, 293 pages.
  • Associate Professor Michèle Bocquillon published L'Empreinte et l'éclat: la lettre d'amour de la lettre dans la littérature et la peinture du XVIIIe siècle. Lyon: Aléas Éditeur, 2010.
  • Professor Domna Stanton published Gabrielle Suchon. A Woman Who Defends All the Persons of Her Sex: Selected Philosophical and Moral Writings. Edited and translated by Domna Stanton and ebecca M. Wilkin. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010.
  • Professor Marilyn Hacker published her twelfth volume of poetry, Names (poems) (W.W. Norton and Co., 2009). She also edited the French section of the anthology New European Poets, Marilyn Hacker, Wayne Miller, Kevin Prufer, eds., (Graywolf Press, 2008).
  • Professor Andrea Khalil published a book entitled: North African Cinema in a Global Context: Through the Lens of Diaspora (Routledge, 2008).
  • Distinguished Professor Mary Ann Caws' most recent books include:
    Provençal Cooking: Savoring the Simple Life in France (Pegasus Books, 2008), and Salvador Dalí (Critical Lives series) (Reaktion Books, 2008).
  • Professor Antoinette Blum published a book entitled: Jean-Richard Bloch.Un Théâtre engagé. Présentation. (Paris: Complexe, 2008).
  • Distinguished Professor Edouard Glissant's most recent books include:
    Les mémoires des esclavages: Essai. (Gallimard/Documentation Francaise, 2007), Quand Les Murs tombent, l’identité nationale hors la loi ?, with Patrick Chamoiseau. (Editions Galaade ; Institut du Tout-Monde, 2007), La Terre Magnétique : Les errances de Rapa Nui, l’Ile de Pâques, en collaboration avec Sylvie Sema, Essai. (Seuil, 2007) and Les Entretiens de Baton Rouge.  With Alexandre Leupin.  (Gallimard :  March 2008).
  • Professor Marilyn Hacker recently published a translated collection of Guy Goffette's poems in a bilingual edition called Charlestown Blues (University of Chicago Press, 2007). Her translation was reviewed by Library Journal in October.
  • Professor Bernd Renner published a book entitled: Difficile est saturam non scribere: L’Herméneutique de la satire rabelaisienne. Études rabelaisiennes XLV. Droz, 2007.
  • Royal Brown published Film Musings: A Selected Anthology from Fanfare Magazine (Scarecrow Press, 2007).
  • Distinguished Professor Mary Ann Caws published the following books in 2006: Henry James (Overlook Duckworth, 2006),
    Surprised in Translation (University of Chicago Press, 2006), and 
    Glorious Eccentrics: Modernist Women Painting, Writing, Resisting (Palgrave Macmillan, Dec 2006). In addition, Distinguished Professor Caws has translated and co-edited, withNancy Kline Piore and Patricia Terry, a volume of Paul Eluard's Capital of Pain(Black Widow Books, 2006). She has also co-edited and co-translated a revised edition of Poems of André Breton: A Bilingual Anthology (Black Widow Press, 2006; revised edition) with Jean-Pierre Cauvin.
  • Professor Andre Aciman published Call Me by Your Name (Farrar Straus & Giroux, 2007). 
  • Distinguished Professor Edouard Glissant's complete poetic Oeuvre has been translated into English, by Jeff Humphries, and published by the University of Minnesota Press.
  • Professor Eve Sourian published two books on George Sand: George Sand, Impressions et Souvenirs, Des Femmes, 2005, and George Sand: Nouvelles Lettres d'un Voyageur, 1877, Des Femmes, 2005.
  • Distinguished Professor Edouard Glissant's latest book has been published: La Cohée du Lamentin. (Poétique V. Gallimard, 2005).
  • Professor Andre Aciman was the editor of, and wrote the preface for, The Proust Project, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2004.
  • In 2004, Distinguished Professor Mary Ann Caws published: Surrealism, Phaidon, 2004, as well as To the Boathouse:  A Memoir, University of Alabama Press, 2004.
  • Two volumes have recently been published by Yale University Press; one celebrating the life and work of Henri Peyre, edited by John W Kneller and sponsored by our affiliate institute, the Henri Peyre French Institute; and the other, the Yale Anthology of 20th Century French Poetry, prepared and edited by our own Distinguished Professor Mary Ann Caws.