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Fall 2004

Friday, October 8 at 6:30pm
Talk by JACQUES JULLIARD, directeur délégué, Le Nouvel Observateur “LES ETATS-UNIS, LA FRANCE, L’EUROPE : UNE AMITIE CONFLICTUELLE” Jacques Julliard is the author of Clemenceau, briseur de greves: l’affaire de Draveil-Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (1965); La IVe [i.e. Quatrième] Republique (1974-1958) (1968); Fernand Pelloutier et les origins du syndicalisme d’action directe, (1971); La CFDT d’aujourd’hui/Edmond Maire et Jacques Julliard (1975); Contre la politque professionnelle (1977); Georges Sorel en son temps/sous la direction de Jacques Julliard et Shlomo Sand (1985); Le genie de la liberte (1990); Chroniques du septieme jour (1991); Ce fascisme qui vient (1994); La droite & la gauche; qu’est-ce qui les distingue encore?/Claude Imbert, Jacques Julliard (1995) ; L’annee des dupes (1996); Dictionnaire des intellectuels francais: les personnes, les lieux, les moments/sous la direction de Jacques Julliard et Michel Winock (1996); Pour la Bosnie (1996); La mort du roi: autour de Francois Mitterrand: essai d’ethnographie politique comparee/sous la direction de Jacques Julliard (1999); Le choix de Pascal: entretiens avec Benoit Chantre (2003)

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Skylight Room A

Thursday, October 14 at 5:00pm
DARWIN SMITH of the CNRS "The Role of Christ in Medieval French Passion Plays: What Can We Know?" 
Co-sponsored by Ph.D. Program in French, the Ph.D. Program in Theatre, and the Medieval Studies Certificate Program

Third Floor Theater Lounge

Friday, October 22 at 6:30pm 
JULIA KRISTEVA “ON FRENCH THEORY” Sponsors: Ph.D. Programs in French, English, and Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages, the Certificate Program in Women’s Studies, and the Center for the Humanities.

Julia Kristeva, writer, psychoanalyst, and professor of linguistics, Institut Universitaire de France/Université de Paris 7, and visiting Professor, New School University. A leading intellectual figure of our time, Julia Kristeva is a pioneering thinker in the fields of semiotics, psychoanalysis, and literature, which she has rethought and reshaped, profoundly impacting the Humanities. She has written over thirty books on a vast range of subjects, most recently the three-volume Le Génie féminin, 1, Hannah Arendt (1999), 2, Melanie Klein (2000), and 3, Colette (2002).

Harold M. Proshansky Auditorium

Friday, October 29 at 6:30pm
PETER CONSENSTEIN (BMCC, CUNY) “Why Oulipo?” Peter Consenstein is a Professor at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. He is the author of Literary Memory, Consciousness, and the Group Oulipo.

room 9206/9207

Friday, December 3,  4:00-5:30pm 
French/Urban Education Lounge Faculty Work in Progress Series

French/Urban Education Lounge

Friday, December 10, 1-7:30 PM
In Conjunction with International Human Rights Day and in Commemoration of Ahmadou Kourouma’s life, literary work and engagement towards human rights causes in Africa.
Homage to AHMADOU KOUROUMA (1927-2003).
Keynote Speaker: BONIFACE MONGO-MBOUSSA Sponsored by the Ph.D. Program in French with the Ralph Bunche Institute and The Graduate Center Africa Research Group.

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room 9205


Spring 2004


Friday, February 27th6:00 PM
Andrea Flores Khalil
 Talk and Book Signing for The Arab Avant-Garde: Experiments in North African Literature and Art.

History Lounge Rm. 5114

Saturday and Sunday April 3rd and 4th
Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference: French will host a reception and has organized four sessions.

Hyatt Hotel

Friday, April 23rd
2nd Colloquium on Exchanges and Contacts, Sponsored by the Ph.D. Programs in French and in Hispanic-Luso-Brazilian Literatures: “Francophone and Hispanic Cultures in Contact in the Caribbean”

Friday, April 27th
Jacques Julliard lecture is cancelled due to illness.

Friday, April 30th
Around the Bicentennial:  Haiti 200 Years Later

6:00 PM, rooms C203/C204/C205 with Carole Charles (Baruch College, City University of New York; Haïti: Initiative 2004)
Daniel Simidor (Community activist, Haïti: Initiative 2004)
Syto Cave (Poet, playwright and performance artist) 
Michael Dash (New York University)
Reverend Anick Joseph (Community activist, City University of New York Ph.D.)

Friday, May 7th 7:00 PM
"Hommage à Hervé Denis et Toto Bissainte" Soiree O! O! Kisa

7:30 Harold M. Proshansky Auditorium
Voisins Complices 
With Pierrot Bisson, Syto Cave, Murat (Jean-Baptiste Milord), Boulo 
Kavalye Pòlka 
with Max Kénol and Eddy Guerrier

$25 per ticket

Friday, May 14th 4:00 PM
French Program Colloquium on Current Work by Faculty and Students Followed by End-Semester Party