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Fall 2006

Friday, October 6th at 8am
Annual student conference: "Locating Empire: Seduction, Domination and Revolt in the French Cultural Reach." 
Keynote address by Eloise Brière, State University of New York at Albany.
Conference will feature a concert of 17th and 18th century music from France and Nouvelle-France on period instruments. 

Sponsored by the PhD program in French and the Doctoral Students' Council. 

Conference Program

Martin Segal Theatre and Room 4202. 

Wednesday, October 18th at 4pm-6pm
Pedagogy Seminar: L'enseignement des langues étrangères à partir de réflexions trouvées chez Charles Bally, successeur de Ferdinand de Saussure.
Guest speaker: Claire Forel, from l'Université de Genève.

Room 4202.

Friday, October 20th at 8am 
Interdisciplinary Group for French 17th Century Studies annual conference:
"Fortune and Fatality: Performing the Tragic in Early Modern France (1655-1715)." 
Keynote address by Distinguished Professor Domna Stanton.
Conference will feature a concert of 17th and 18th century French music on period instruments.

Conference Program

Martin Segal Theatre and Room 4202.

Thursday, October 26th at 5pm
"The Legacy of Silence"
A talk by Marie-Célie Agnant (in English)

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Marie-Célie Agnant has been living in Quebec since 1970. She is the author of the novels La Dot de Sara (1995; 2000), Le Livre d'Emma(2001, 2004) and Un Alligator nommé Rosa (2006) ; the novellas Le Silence comme le sang (1997), Le vieil homme à moitié pierre (1997), as well as several youth novels, short stories and a poetry collection. Her work has been translated in several languages including English, Spanish and Dutch.

French Department Lounge, Room 4202 

Monday October 30 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm
David Lepoutre
Professor of Sociology, University of Amiens
"The 'Banlieue': Adolescent Street Culture in a Working-Class Housing Project in a Parisian Suburb"

Room 9204 

Wednesday, November 15th at 5pm
J. Michael Dash, Professor of French at New York University 
"Martinique is (not) a Polynesian Island: The Detours of French West
Indian Identity"

Rooms 9204-9205

Friday, December 1st at 12pm-2pm
The PhD in French Program invites you to its fourth event in our Pedagogy Series: "The Challenges of Teaching French in a Four-Year Liberal Arts College.” Our invited speaker is Binita Mehta, (Ph.D. CUNY Graduate Center, 1997), Manhattanville College.

French Department Lounge 4202 

Friday, December 15th at 5pm

End of the semester party for French faculty and students.

French Department Lounge 4202


Monday, January 22nd at 5:30pm-7:30pm
The Dreyfus Affair
A seminar with

Antoinette Blum, Professor of French at Lehman College and the Graduate Center; Deputy Executive Officer of the French Ph.D. Program at the Graduate Center; International Secretary of the Société Internationale d'Histoire de l'Affaire Dreyfus (SIHAD)

Lorraine Beitler, Professor Emeritus, CUNY; Curator of the Dreyfus Collection at the University of Pennsylvania

James Melo, ERC's musicologist and Senior Editor at RILM

When the Jewish captain Alfred Dreyfus was accused of treason in 1894 by a French military tribunal and imprisoned, French society erupted into a fireball of anti-Semitism and political partisanship that called into question the very nature of French identity. This tragic private drama played out in a very public arena; not only the press but also artists, writers, and musicians became entangled in a controversy that lasted almost two decades and continues to resonate to this day. The seminar will address the cultural, political, and musical repercussions of the Dreyfus Affair and its relevance for today's political climate. Images from the extensive Dreyfus Collection of the University of Pennsylvania will be shown and discussed.

Elebash Recital Hall

Free for CUNY students, faculty, and staff

General Admission: $10

Spring 2006

Thursday, February 23rd at 6pm
A Conversation with Assia Djebar on her book Children of the New World: A Novel of the Algerian War (The Feminist Press at CUNY, 2005).
In collaboration with the Feminist Press, Memeac, and the Center for the Study of Women and Society.

English Department Lounge, Room 4406

Friday, March 17th at 10am-6pm
"Masculinities in the Long Middle Ages" 
An interdisciplinary conference sponsored by the Medieval Studies Certificate Program, the CUNY-Medievalists Pearl Kibre Library, and the Ph.D. Program in French at the CUNY Graduate Center. The keynote speaker is  Jeffrey Jerome Cohen (George Washington University), author of The Postcolonial Middle Ages (St. Martin's Press, 2000) and Of Giants: Sex, Monsters, and the Middle Ages(University of Minnesota Press, 1999).

Conference Room 9205

Friday, March 24th at 2pm 
Teaching French as a Foreign Language and Pedagogy Series.
With Isabelle Kaplan (Bennington College, Isabelle Kaplan Center for Languages and Cultures).

"Le rôle du vocabulaire et de la grammaire dans l'apprentissage de la langue"

Room 4204

Friday, April 7th at 4:00pm
Lecture by poet and author, Jean-Marie Gleize (Université d'Aix-en-provence). Jean-Marie Gleize is the author of A Noir, Poésie et Littéralité (Seuil, 1992), and Altitude zéro, Poètes etcetera : costumes (Java éd., 1997), as well as of the revue Nioques. Click here to visit the revue's website.

Room 4202

Friday, April 7th at 12pm-2pm
"Meet the author": A Conversation with Louis-Phillipe Dalembert.

Room 5414 


Friday, April 28th at 7pm
"Celebrating the work of Edouard Glissant" on the occasion of the publication of Of Edouard Glissant's complete poetic Oeuvre in English, Translated by Jeff Humphries and published by University of Minnesota Press.

Featuring a concert with Bernard Lubat, Premier French Jazz Composer and Performer
and Jayne Cortez, renowned poet and jazz performer.

With the generous support of the AFAA, the Henri Peyre French Institute,
the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, and the Department of
Romance Languages, Hunter College of CUNY

The event is free and open to the public. Please note that seating fills
up quickly and event begins on time. The Graduate Center is located at
34th Street and 5th avenue, 365 5th avenue, NY. 10016.

Elebash Recital Hall


Friday and Saturday, May 5th-6th
AIZEN International Conference on Realism and Naturalism in Film Studies

Sponsored by AIZEN (International Association devoted to Zola and Naturalism), the Ph.D. Program in Comparative Literature and the Film Studies Certificate Program

Please see website for conference program and details. 

Friday, May 5th at 2pm
"L'internet: outil de médiation interculturelle."

Second Event in French Language Pedagogy Series

Featuring Gliberte Furstenberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

French Department Lounge

Preview of Events for Fall 2006
Friday, October 6th at 10am

Annual Student Conference: "Locating Empire: Seduction, Domination, and Revolt in the French Cultural Reach." 

Martin Segal Theatre 

Friday, October 20th (time TBA)

French Interdisciplinary Group for 17th Century Studies annual conference:"Fortune and Fatality: Performing the Tragic in Early Modern France (1553-1715)".