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Facutly Book: Forrest Colburn

Forrest Colburn

Latin America at the End of Politics
(Princeton University Press, 2002; 152 pp.)

book cover image "The one book on Latin America that is essential reading this year," according to Foreign Affairs, Latin America at the End of Politics shows a region whose democracies are fragile and lethargic—having embraced liberalism through default, after decades of socialist struggles—with pronounced poverty and inequality, and a populace that is not engaged in deep discussions about state and society. Colburn, professor of political science at Lehman College and The Graduate Center, has crafted a remarkable and unconventional book, drawing on a deep scholarly and personal knowledge of Latin America. He enriches his study with poignant individual narratives that are emblematic of the disillusionment in the region.

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Submitted on: FEB 11, 2002

Category: Faculty Books | Political Science