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PhD Program in History - The Graduate Center, CUNY

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The Ph.D. Program in History at the Graduate Center, CUNY, is a major center for research and graduate training in a wide array of fields of historical inquiry, ranging from ancient to contemporary times and covering Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. The program stresses training in primary research and encourages interdisciplinary study. The distinguished faculty, consisting of more than 70 respected historians throughout the CUNY system, works closely with the approximately 125 PhD students throughout their studies at the Graduate Center.

Fields of Study

Students gain a range of knowledge as they choose a field of study for their major and another for their minor. Major fields of study include: Early Modern Europe, Modern Europe, Latin America, U.S History, and Middle Eastern History.

Events and Resources

The program hosts events throughout the year, including an annual graduate student conference and lectures from renowned historians. The Graduate Center's location in midtown Manhattan enables students to take advantage of numerous resources for historical research in the area, including the collections at the nearby New York Public Library.


Students are supported by a variety of forms of financial aid and have broad opportunities to teach at the CUNY undergraduate and other area colleges.  Graduates of the program teach in universities across the country and abroad, and work in archives, publishing houses, and public history positions.

The Graduate Center is a publicly funded institution, and much of our support for students comes from private donations. If you’d like to give, please click here. Thank you!