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Recent Dissertations


Recent Dissertations


Kristopher Burrell

Dissertation title: The Role of Ideology in the Black Freedom Struggle in New York City, 1954-1965"

Evan Friss
Dissertation title: "The Cycling City: Bicycles and the Transformation of Urban America"

Rachael Goldman
Dissertation title: "Tinturae Romanorum: Social and Cultural Constructions of Color-Terms in Roman Literature"

Sheryl Gordon
Dissertation title: "In the Shade of Tocqueville"

Thomas Harbison
Dissertation title: "Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution: Harlem's Public Schools, 1910-1954"

Paul Naish
Dissertation title: "Safe Distance: the Use of Latin America as a Context for Discussing the Unspeakable in the United States, 1826-1861"

Daniel Newsome
Dissertation title: "Quadrivial Pursuit: Case Studies in the Conceptual Foundation of the Mathematical Arts in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance"



Diane Auslander

Dissertation title: "Ethnicity in Hagiography: the Case of Dareca/Moninna/Modwenna/Modwenne in the British Isles, Seventh to Thirteenth Centuries"

Italia Colabianchi
Dissertation title: "Roman Nation: Racializing Italians, 1903-1912"

Edward Cornejo
Dissertation title: "Keeping Fear at Bay: Twentieth Century Ecuador and the Eradication of Plague"

Susan Craig
Dissertation title: "Skin and redemption: Theology in Silent Films, 1902-1927"

Jody Cross-Hansen
Dissertation title: "Transcendent Reform: Quaker Women and Social Reform during the Hicksite Schism"

Rebecca Dresser
Dissertation title: "The Dissolution of a republican: Daniel Waldo Lincoln, 1784-1815"

David Fine
Dissertation title: "Jewish at the Front: The Experience of Jewish Officers in the German Army in World War 1"

Kevin McGruder
Dissertation title: "Race and Real Estate: Interracial Conflict and Coexistence in Harlem, 1899-1920"

Aleksandra Majstoric-Kobiljski
Dissertation title: "Learning to be Modern: American Missionary Colleges in Beirut and Kyoto, 1860-1920"

Steven Petrus
Dissertation title: "To Break Down the Walls: The Politics and Culture of Greenwich Village, 1955-1965"

Amy Van Natter
Dissertation title: "The 'Mary Carver" Affair: United States Foreign Policy and the Africa Squadron, 1841-1845"

Cemal Yetkiner
Dissertation title: "American Missionaries, Armenian Community, and the Making of Protestantism in the Ottoman Empire, 1820-1860"



Ira Beltrán-Garibay

Dissertation title: "Sex and the Nation: Sexuality and Criminal Justice in Revolutionary Mexico, 1920-1940"

Moira Egan
Dissertation title: "Nurses Challenging Subordination: Gender, Class, and Religion in Britain's Crimean War"

Ilan Ehrlich
Dissertation title: "Eduardo Chibas: The Incorrigible Man of Cuban Politics"

Adina S. Goldstein
Dissertation title: "The Temptation of Saints in Latin Narrative: England, France, and the Low Countries, 1100-1230"

Ernest Ialongo
Dissertation title: "Filippo Tommaso Marinetti: The Artist and His Politics"

J. Angus Johnston
Dissertation title: "The United States National Student Association: Democracy, Activism, and the Idea of the Student, 1947-1978"

Lindsay Krasnoff
Dissertation title: "Goals and Dreams: The Quest to Create Elite Youth Athletes in France,  1958-92"

Marc Levinson
Dissertation title: "More than a Box: The Economic and Social Implications of an Innovation in Freight Transport, 1956-2000"

Leyla Mei
Dissertation title: "The Color of cancer: Disease and the Measure of Race in the United States from the 1920s to the 1990s"

Victoria L. Mondelli
Dissertation title: "Female Learning in Early Modern Europe: Advocates and Institutions"

Lucas S. Waltzer
Dissertation title: "An Uneasy Idealism: The Reconstruction of American Adolescence from World War II to the War on Poverty"



David Aliano

Dissertation title: "Identity in Transatlantic Play: Il Duce's National Project in Argentina"

Sebastian Bartos
Dissertation title: "Negotiations of Power in a Medieval Society: Ecclesiastical Authority and Secular Rulershipin Little Poland, 1177-1320"

Dorothy M. Browne
Dissertation title: "New York City Museums and Cultural Leadership, 1917-1940"

Susannah Crowder
Dissertation title: "Performance Culture in Medieval Metz, c. 200-1200"

David Hamilton Golland
Dissertation title: "Constructing Affirmative Action: Federal Contract Compliance and the Building Construction Trades, 1956-1973"

James Francis LePree
Dissertation title: "Sources of Spirituality and the CaroligianExegetical Tradition"

Delia C. Mellis
Dissertation title: "'The Monsters We Defy': Washington, D.C. in the Summer of 1919"

Seth Parry
Dissertation title: "Fifty Years of Failed Plans: Venice, Humanism, and the Turks, 1453-1503"

Carrie Pitzulo
Dissertation title: "Bachelors and Bunnies: Playboy Magazine and Modern Heterosexuality, 1953-1973"

Ryan T.A. Swihart
Dissertation title: "An Ornament and a Promise: Discourses on Culture in Nineteenth-Century America"

Theodore Wisniewski
Dissertation title: "Experimenting with Power: Liberal Psychologists and the Challenge of Social Reform: 1945-1975"



William M. Adams

Dissertation title: "Mussolini and Intellectuals in the Republic of Salo, 1943-1945"

Florence W. Asher
Dissertation title:"Money Talk: Women and Wealth in New York's Gilded Age"

Laura M. Chmielewski
Dissertation title:"The Spice of Popery: Euroamericans and Interfaith Conflict with Coexistence on the Maine Frontier, 1688-1727"

Gene F. Fein
Dissertation title:"For Christ and Country: The Christian Front in New York City, 1938-1951"

Steven S. John
Dissertation title:"Permanent Revolution on the Altiplano: Bolivian Trotskyism, 1938-2006"

Robert J. Johnson
Dissertation title:"Trial by Fire: Abraham Lincoln and the Law"

Teresita Levy
Dissertation title:"En La Vega: The Social and Economic Impact of Tobacco Cultivation in Puerto Rico, 1898-1940"

Scott D. McPartland
Dissertation title:"Almost Edison: How William Sawyer and Others Lost the Race for Electricity"

Patricia M. Nardi
Dissertation: "Mothers at Home: Their Role in Child-Rearing and Instruction in Early Modern Europe"

Alejandro Quintana
Dissertation: "The President that Never Was: Meximino Avila Camacho and the Taming of Caudillismo in Early Post-Revolutionary Mexico"

Maryjane, Shimsky
Dissertation: "Hesitating Relations Between Two Worlds: The Civil Rights Odyssey of Robert H. Jackson"

Joseph Sramek
Dissertation: "A Moral Empire: Anxieties about Masculinity and Colonial Governance in Company India, ca. 1780-185"

Richard Van Nort
Dissertation: "The Battle of Adrianople and the Military Doctrine of Vegetiua"

Branko F. Van Oppen de Ruiter

Dissertation: "The Religious Identification of Ptolemaic Queens with Aphrodita, Demater, Hathor"

Christolyn A. Williams
Dissertation title:"Labor Organization, Political Leadership, and Gender Exclusion in Antigua and Barbuda, 1917-1970"



Jonathan A. Epstein

Dissertation title: "Between France and Germany:  The Formation of Belgian Defense Policy, 1932-1940"

Patricia Franz
Dissertation title: "The Horseman as a Work of Art: Construction of Elite Identities in Early Modern Europe, 1550-1700"

Hilary-Anne Hallett
Dissertation title: "In Motion Picture Land:  A cultural History About the Making of Early Hollywood"

Jacob Kramer
Dissertation title:"The New Freedom and the Radicals: Woodrow Wilson, Progressive Views of Radicalism, and the Origins of Repressive Tolerance, 1900-1924"

Carol Lang
Dissertation title: "The Radicalization of the British Working Class 1910-1926 and the Impact of the Russian Revolution"

Walter Penrose
Dissertation title: "Bold with Bow and Arrow:  Amazons and the Ethnic Gendering of Martial Powers in Ancient Greek and Asian Cultures"

Sophia Solovyova
Dissertation title: "The National Monarchy and It's Brokers:  A Study of Advisers to Nicholas ll"

Daniel A. Wishnoff
Dissertation title:  "The Tolerance Point:  Integration, The Forest Hills Controversy and the Fall of the Public Housing in New York, 1945-1975"

Lawrence H. Witchel 
Dissertation title: "English Protestant Casuistry:  With Special Emphasis on Conscience and Oath-Taking"

Martin V. Woessner
Dissertation title: "Being Here: Heidegger in America"