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The Graduate Center's History students are a diverse group, studying topics ranging from early modern food preparation to sexuality in post-war Germany. Read a bit about their scholarly work below.

Early Modern Europe (1300-1700 A.D.)

Julián González de León Heiblum
Major Field: Early Modern Europe
Minor Field: History and Anthropology
Degrees Conferred: MA in History, Concentration in Antiquity and Middle Ages (UNAM-FFL, 2015). BA in History (UNAM-FFL, 2011)
Research Interests: Medieval and Early Modern British Empire; Arthurian Myth; Celtic Cultures; Conceptual History; Theory of Empire; Theory of Myth.
Recent Publications: "The Arthurian Legend: A Vehicle for Symbolic Appropriation of the Insular Space", UCLA Historical Journal 1, 26 (2015): 1-15.
John T. Massey
Major Field:  Early Modern History
Minor Field:  Medieval
Degrees Conferred: M.Phil. History, Graduate Center; B.A. History, Mathematics Saint Peter's University
Research Interests: I am currently writing a dissertation on the lives of seminarians entering the English College, Rome from 1598-1610 through their responses to the institution's entrance questionnaire. I have secondary interests in early modern medicine and innovations to mathematics in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  
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Katrina Wheeler 
Major Field:  Early Modern Europe
Minor Field:  Modern Europe
Degrees Conferred: MA - History of Christianity, Wheaton College. BA - French and Theology, Whitworth University
Research Interests: I am interested in Christianity in France at the transition point between the early modern/modern periods. My research focuses specifically on the late-eighteenth century, and I am currently charting the diverse experiences and reactions of Catholic clergy during the French Revolution.
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Modern European History (1750 to the present)

Barbara Bailin
Major Field: Modern European History (Germany)
Minor Field: Jewish Studies
Degrees Conferred: Combined B.A./M.A. (History) The City College of New York (2011), M. Phil in History (The Graduate Center, CUNY, 2016)
Research Interests: My research focuses on the interaction among various agencies of the Third Reich and their role in the development of the Holocaust; I am also interested in 20th century comparative anti-Semitism
Dissertation working title: “Rivals and Partners”:  The Competition for Control of Judenpolitik in Reichskommissariat Ostland (1941-1944).
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Davide Colasanto
Major Field: Modern European History
Minor Field: Cultural History of War
Degrees Conferred: M. Phil in History (The Graduate Center, CUNY, 2015); M.S. in Cultural Management (ESCP Europe Paris and University of Venice, 2012); M.A. in European Literary Cultures (University of Bologna and University of Strasbourg, 2011); B.A. in Literature (University of Bologna, 2009);
Research Interests: Sexuality and Violence from Fascism to Postwar;
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Andrew Kotick
Major Field: Modern Europe (France)
Minor Field: Popular Culture
Research Interests: History and historiography of humor, the satirical press, cartooning, and political culture of the French Third Republic

Jarrett Moran
Major field: Modern European History
Minor field: Intellectual History
Degrees conferred: MA, Modern European Studies (Columbia University); BA, Ethics, Politics, and Economics (Yale University)
Research interests: History of criticism and the idea of culture in the nineteenth and twentieth century; history of political thought (particularly liberalism); British History
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Diana Moore
Major Field: Modern European History (Italy)
Minor Field: Women's & Gender History
Degrees Conferred: B.A. in History and Italian Studies (Fordham University, College of Rose Hill, 2011), M. Phil in History (The Graduate Center, CUNY, 2014)
Dissertation Title: Transnational Nationalists:Cosmopolitan Women, Philanthropy, and Italian State-Building, 1850-1890
Research Interests: Gender and Sexuality, The Family, Religion, Nationalism, Charity & Welfare, Transnational Networks, Writing and Memory
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Luke Reynolds 
Major Field: Modern European History
Minor Field: World History
Degrees Conferred: BA (Trinity College, University of Dublin), MA (Hunter College, CUNY), M.Phil (University of Cambridge),MA (Graduate Center, CUNY), M.Phil (Graduate Center, CUNY)
Dissertation Title: Wellington's Veterans: The British Officer Corps in the Pax Britannica
Research Interests: The Long 19th Century, British History, Imperial History, Social History, Cultural History, Political History, Diplomatic History, Military History
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Mark Soriano
Major Field: Modern European History 
Minor Field: American History
Research Interests: 18th and 19th century British and American popular culture, comedy, politics, culture, imperialism, and mass society
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Antonella Vitale
Major Field: Modern European History
Minor Field: American History
Degrees: Masters in History and Philosophy at Graduate Center, City University of New York, Masters of Education, Hunter College, Bachelors of Arts in History at George Mason University.
Dissertation Title: Fuitina: Love, Sex, and Rape in Post World War II Italy.
Research interests: Gender/women studies, history of sex, rape and violence against women, sexual politics, family law, notions of honor and shame, Italy's southern question, cross-cultural immigration, race, and national identity.
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Ky Woltering
Major Field: Modern European History (Germany)
Minor Field: Modern United States
Research Interests: Transnational Religion, National Identity and Democracy in postwar West Germany and the United States
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Latin American History

Gordon Barnes 
Major Field: Latin American and Caribbean
History Minor Field: Global History
Degrees Conferred: BA in History and Political Science (Temple University, 2010) MA in History (Rutgers University-Newark, 2012)
Research Interests: My research interests are centered around political ideology, violence, and the post-emancipation experience  in the British Empire during the 19th Century. My current research focuses upon the political ideology of the British plantocracy, specifically in Jamaica and Mauritius. I am interested in how the transitions from slavery to apprenticeship and then to “free” labor, in conjunction with episodes of plebeian political violence, influenced planter perceptions of politics, race, and labor.  
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Rafael Davis Portela
Major Field: Latin American History
Minor Field: Urban History
Degrees Conferred: M.Phil in History, The Graduate Center; M.A. in Social History, Universidade Federal da Bahia; B.A. in History, Universidade Federal da Bahia.
Research Interests: History of Capitalism; Transnational History; History of Transportation; Riots and Rebellions in Latin America.
Recent publications: “O Caso da Canoa Incendiada: Perfis e Relações de Pescadores em Salvador (1853-1880)”, Revista Mundos do Trabalho Vol 7 Num 14 (2015).
Contact info: ; 929-237-9575
Krystle Farman
Major Field: Afro-Latin America
Minor Field: Early Modern Europe
Degrees Conferred: BA in History (Metropolitan State College of Denver); MA in History (University of Kentucky); MPhil in History (The Graduate Center)
Dissertation Title: Conceptions of Faith: Afro-Mexican Catholicism in the Seventeenth Century
Research Interests: My research examines Catholic practices and rituals circulating among people of African descent in seventeenth-century Mexico. I explore how Afro-Mexicans gained a degree of spiritual authority recognized by Spanish and non-Spanish Christians, and how they forged communities based on shared religious values, cultural practices, and overall world view. More broadly, my project examines religion in the earliest communities of the African diaspora.
Contact info:

Daniela Moraes Traldi
Major Field: Latin America/ Gender and Women's History
Minor Field:  
Degrees Conferred: MSc History of International Relations (London School of Economics and Political Science); International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (Fordham University); Certificate in Global Affairs (New York University); Bachelor's Degree in Journalism (FIAM Brazil).
Research Interests: women's movements in Latin America; transnational/ global feminism; gender and sexuality; feminist/ gender theory; social and political thought.
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United States History

Arinn Amer
Major Field: US History
Minor Field: Theory and History of Violence
Degrees Conferred: BA, American Studies, Columbia University (2011); MA, American History, CUNY Graduate Center (2016)
Research interests: Early American material and print culture, performance, dress, and sexuality; tarring and feathering
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Maayan Brodsky
Major Field: US History
Degrees Conferred: MA (American History - Tel Aviv University), BA (Comparative Literature and American Studies - Tel Aviv University).
Research Interests: Government secrecy.
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Emily Brooks
Major Field: U.S. History
Minor Field: Urban History
Degrees Conferred: M.Phil (CUNY Graduate Center, 2016), BA (University of Michigan, 2009).
Research Interests: history of policing, gender history, construction of social deviance, urban history
Recent Publications:      “Marijuana in La Guardia’s New York City: The Mayor’s Committee and Federal Policy, 1938-1945,” Journal of Policy History. (Autumn 2016)
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Erin Cully
Major Field: US History
Minor Field: History of Capitalism
Degrees Conferred: BA (2012) and MA (2013) in history, McGill University
Research Interests: History of banking and finance, political economy, global history, 20th century US history.
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Madeline  DeDe-Panken 
Major Field: United States History
Minor Field: Women's History 
Degrees Conferred: B.A., History, Clark University (2012); M.A., History, Clark University (2013)
Research Interests: My research interests center on women in the late 19th and early 20th century, with a focus on cultural history, self/group identity, and education. Currently, I am working on a project on nonprofessional engagement with scientific study in the context of the women's club movement.
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Sean Casey Enos Robertson
Major Field: Modern US History (Civil Rights)
Minor Field: Public History and Public Policy
Degrees Conferred: B.A. History from Providence College (2005)
Research Interests: Civil Rights Era, the Cold War, presidential politics, education, and public history.
Recent Publications: "Throw Out Your History Textbook: A Case for Primary Source Analysis,” Association for Middle Level Education: Middle School Journal (January 2017).
Contact Info:

Micki Kaufman
Major Field: US History (20th C)
Minor Field: World / International History
Degrees Conferred: B.A., U.S. History with Highest Honors, Columbia University. A.A., Simon's Rock of Bard College
Research Interests: My research focuses on computational research in U.S. diplomatic and international history, most recently an analysis of the tenure of Henry Kissinger as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State using a large collection of the DNSA's declassified U.S. government archives dated 1968-1977. I am co-author of an article on Cold War wargaming and technology forecasting in the December 2012 American Historical Review titled "General, I Have Fought Just as Many Nuclear Wars As You Have," and I received a 2012-2013 Provost's Digital Innovation Grant to expand my research to include additional databases including the 'Foreign Policy Files' of the US State Department (NARA Secret Record Group 59). I have taught undergraduate history at Hunter College and have served as the Technology Coordinator for the Hertog Global Strategy Initiative's 2011 "Summer Fever" and 2010 “Nuclear Summer” research programs.

Marc Kagan
Major Field: American History - Labor History
Minor Field: World History
Degrees Conferred:
Dissertation Title: The Fall and Rise and Fall of TWU Local 100
Research Interests:
Recent publications:
Contact info:

Madeline LaFuse
Major Field:  US History
Degrees Conferred : BA Tulane University in History, Asian Studies, Linguistics, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Research Interests:  I'm interested in the intersection of sexuality, emotion and language in early American history.
Contact info:

Stephen Lazar
Major Field:  US History
Minor Field:  Undecided
Degrees Conferred: A.B. in Political Philosophy & Religious Studies, Brown University (2004), M.A. in African American Studies, Columbia University (2006)
Research Interests: 20th Century Social Movements; Education 
Contact info: 
Recent Publications: 
Testimony for US Senate HELP Committee Hearing on Fixing No Child Left Behind[]” (2015)
“Septima Clark: Organizing for Positive Freedom” in The New Black History (edited by Manning Marable and Elizabeth Kai Hinton, Palgrave McMillan, 2011)

Miriam Liebman
Major Field: United States History
Minor Field: Women's and Gender History
Degrees Conferred: B.A. Queens College, CUNY (2014); M.Phil. The Graduate Center, CUNY (2017)
Research Interests: early US history, women's history, transatlantic history, Franco-American connections
Contact Info:

Sarah Litvin
Major Field:  U.S. History
Minor Field: Undeclared
Degrees Conferred: B.A. Oberlin College 2007, Jewish Studies and History
Dissertation Title:
Research Interests: Progressive Era, disability, material cultural, immigration, New York history
Recent publications:
Contact info:

Richard A. Naclerio
Major Field:  American History
Minor Field:  European History
Degrees Conferred: BA in History, MA in History
Research Interests:  U.S. Economic and Banking History
Contact info:

Glen Olson
Major Field: American History
Minor Field: Latin American History
Degrees Conferred: B.A. St. Johns College, Santa Fe; M.A. University of Chicago
Research Interests: My research interests of the 19th century include immigration, urban life, and political history. Currently, I am working on a project on conceptions of citizenship pertaining to Irish and German immigrants in 1850's New York.

Laura Ping
Major Field:  U.S. History
Minor Field: Women’s History
Degrees Conferred:  B.A. University of Iowa , M.A. Virginia Commonwealth University, MPhil. The Graduate Center
Dissertation Title:  Throwing off “the Drapery”: Women and Bifurcated Clothing, 1820-1900
Research Interests:  Antebellum, Civil War, Visual Culture, Material Culture, Women’s History
Contact info:

Mitchell Rocklin
Major Field: American History
Minor Field: Jewish History
Degrees Conferred: M. Phil
Dissertation Title: The American Whig Party and Slavery
Research Interests: 18th and 19th century political and intellectual histor
Contact info:

Johnathan Thayer
Major: U.S. History
Degrees: M.Phil (CUNY Graduate Center, 2016); MLS (Queens College, CUNY, 2011); BA (Wesleyan University, 2008)
Dissertation: "Sailortowns, Merchant Seamen, and the Parameters of U.S. Citizenship, 1843-1945"
Research Interests: Archives, Public History, Sailortowns

Evan Turiano
Major Field: U.S. History (19th c.)
Degrees Conferred: B.A., American Studies, Trinity College, CT (2016)
Research Interests: Fugitive Slaves, Antislavery Politics, Sectionalism, and Early American Legal Culture
Contact info: 

Katie Uva
Major Field: American History
Minor Field: Urban History
Degrees Conferred: M.Phil (2014), M.A. (2013), B.A. in American Studies and Classics from Boston University (2010)
Dissertation Title: Fair City: Urbanism and the New York World's Fairs
Research Interests: cultural history, New York City, housing, consumerism, popular culture, public history
Recent publications: "1964 and the State of the City" in World's Fairs in the Era of the Cold War (University of Pittsburgh Press, forthcoming); additionally, people interactives for Robert Moses, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., and Samuel Lefrak currently on view in New York at its Core at the Museum of the City of New York.
Contact info:

Erik Wallenberg
Major Field: U.S. History
Minor Field: Environmental History
Degrees Conferred: BS, Environmental Studies, University of Vermont, 2003. MA, History, University of Vermont, 2013
Research Interests: I am researching a dissertation on radical theater groups connected to a variety of social movements organizing environmental, labor, civil rights, and anti-war work in the twentieth century United States. Environmental concerns are what hold each of them together. I am actively working in the fields of environmental history, Black freedom studies, labor history, theater history, and American Studies.
Contact info:

John Winters
Major Field: U.S. History
Minor Field: Public History
Degrees Conferred: MA (George Mason University, 2013), BA (Rowan University, 2008)
Research Interests: John is ABD at the CUNY Graduate Center. His working dissertation, A Monstrous Heap of Fables: The Empire of the Haudenosaunee in Myth and Memory, is on the memory of the Iroquois empire from its origins in the early 18th century to the Iroquois Influence Thesis of the 1980’s-90’s. John currently leads tours at the Roosevelt House at Hunter College, teaches at Baruch and Hunter College, and before coming to NYC led tours at George Washington's Mount Vernon.
Contact info:

Jewish History

Barbara Bailin

Major Field: Modern European History (Germany)
Minor Field: Jewish Studies
Degrees Conferred: Combined B.A./M.A. (History) The City College of New York (2011)
Research Interests: My research focuses on the interaction among various agencies of the Third Reich and their role in the development of the Holocaust;  I am also interested in 20th century comparative anti-Semitism
Contact info:

Mitchell Rocklin

Major Field: American History
Minor Field: Jewish History
Degrees Conferred: M. Phil
Dissertation Title: The American Whig Party and Slavery
Research Interests: 18th and 19th century political and intellectual history
Recent publications:
Contact info:

Vincenzo Selleri

Major Field: Jewish History
Minor Field: Early Modern European History
Research Interests: I'm studying the development of the political life of the Jewish communities in the Aragonese Kingdom of Naples. Analyzing the status of the minorities of the Kingdom in the context of the rise of a mercantile class in the Italian port cities and commercial hubs, I argue that merchants had an important role in the definition of political and civil rights. I hope to give a contribution to the historiography of Jewish citizenship in early modern Italy giving agency to the qehillot and the municipal administrations, revising the idea that Neapolitan Jewish policies were strictly top-down.
Contact info: 

Middle East History

Chris Rominger
Major Field: The Middle East and North Africa
Minor Field: Colonialism and Imperialism
Degrees Conferred: BA, Middlebury College
Dissertation title: “Imagined Places and Fragmented Spaces: Tunisian Migrants and Sociopolitical Change around the First World War (1911–1925)”
Research Interests: Migration; social history of medicine; Mediterranean studies; Africa and the Maghrib; modern France; Muslim-Jewish relations; gender history; First World War
Recent publications:

  • “Nursing Transgressions, Exploring Difference: North Africans in French Medical Spaces during the First World War,” International Journal of Middle East Studies (Forthcoming, 2018).
  • “‘Moderates,’ ‘Radicals,’ and Foreclosing the Transnational Left in Tunisia, 1911-1925” in Socialismes africains - Socialismes en Afrique [African Socialisms, Socialisms in Africa] (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, Forthcoming, 2018).
  • “Paths Not Taken: Mukhtar al-Ayari and Alternative Voices in Post-War Tunisia” in Small Nations and Colonial Peripheries in World War One, eds. Gearóid Barry, Enrico Dal Lago, and Róisín Healy (Leiden: Brill, 2016).

Contact info:


Medieval Europe (300-1500 A.D.)

David Heayn

Major Field: Medieval History
Minor Field: Ancient History
Degrees Conferred: B.A. in History, Villanova University (2007); M.A. in History, Villanova University (2009)
Research Interests: My primary research interests are in the broad swath of time encompassed by the term Late Antiquity, (Late Roman/ Early Byzantine/ Early Medieval and the Early Islamic periods). I concentrate on the Eastern Mediterranean, particularly the Levant but have significant interests in southern Arabia, the Transcaucasus region, and North Africa. The thematic concentration of my work is in the socio-cultural and religious conflict and syncretism of transitional regions and periods.So far my research has been wide ranging but I am primarily interested in the Byz-lamic socio-cultural interaction in the 7th through 9th centuries, especially liminal identity, indigenous peoples, and revolt.

Clare Wilson

Major Field: Medieval European History
Minor Field: Global History
Degrees Conferred: B.S., Emerson College, Mass Communications; M.A., Marquette University, History: Medieval Europe
Research Interests: I am interested in the troubadours and contextualizing their compositions. My other research interests include medieval notions of identity, cross-culturalism, and medieval organum/polyphony.

Eytan A. Zadoff

Major Field: Medieval European History
Minor Field: Jewish History
Degrees Conferred: BA, History and Jewish Studies (Yeshiva University); MA, Medieval Jewish History (Bernard Revel Graduate School, Yeshiva University)
Dissertation Title: Jewish Marriage Law and Practice in Comparative Perspective in Northwestern Europe, 1140-1234.
Research Interests : My dissertation explores the development of Jewish marriage law and practice (Hilkhot Erusin ve'Nesuin) in Northern France and Germany (Ashkenaz) during late twelfth and thirteenth centuries in comparative perspective with the regnant Church law and prescribed practice. More broadly, I am interested in the history and development of medieval Jewish law and canon law, the interplay between law, culture, and society in Western Europe during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the Jewish-Christian relationship in the high Middle Ages, as well as contemporary legal theory, specifically comparative law theory.