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Anna Akasoy
Islamic Intellectual History
Timothy Alborn
British History, History of Business, History of Science
Joel Allen
Roman Empire, Ancient History
Beth Baron
Middle East and Egypt
Elissa Bemporad
Jewish history; Russia and the Soviet Union; gender; Holocaust and genocide studies
Herman Bennett
Latin American History, African Diaspora
Laird W. Bergad
Latin America & Caribbean
Manu Bhagavan
20th-century India; intellectual history; human rights; constitutional history; postcolonial studies
Francesca Bregoli
Early modern Jewish history; early modern Italy; European cultural history (17th-18th centuries)
Martin J. Burke
American Intellectual and Cultural History, American Religious History, History of Modern Ireland.
Benjamin Carp
Early American History
Blanche Wiesen Cook
Women's History, U.S. International Relations: War, Peace, and Imperialism
Sarah Covington
Early Modern Britain and Ireland
Joseph Dauben
History of Science, History of Mathematics; the Scientific Revolution; Sociology of Science; Intellectual History, 17-18th Centuries; History of Chinese Science; History of Botany
Simon Davis
Persian Gulf, Palestine under the Mandate, Imperialism and Colonialism, Transnational and Global History
Elena Frangakis-Syrett
Middle East; Ottoman Empire; Turkey; Greece; Economic History (trade, banking:18th & 19th centuries); History of the Mediterranean.
Joshua B. Freeman
U.S. Labor History; 20th Century U.S. History
David Gordon
History of France
Samira Haj
Middle East, Iraq, Islam and Modernity
Donna Haverty-Stacke
late nineteenth and twentieth century United States with a focus on the history of working-class culture and radical politics, civil liberties and free speech, and left-wing women’s (auto)biographies.
Dagmar Herzog
Modern European; History of Sexuality; History of Religion; Holocaust Studies
Benjamin Hett
Modern Europe and German, politics, espionage, military
Eric Ivison
Byzantine History
K.C. Johnson
American History
Allison Kavey
Renaissance and early modern history of natural philosophy, cultural and intellectual history, history of medicine, history of gender and sexuality
Thomas Kessner
American, Urban and Social History
Andreas Killen
Modern Europe, history of human sciences, cultural history
Anne Kornhauser
U.S. intellectual and legal history; 20th century U.S. history; transnational history
Dina Le Gall
Middle Eastern and Islamic History
Mark A. Lewis
History of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, 19th-20th centuries; History of international criminal law; History of crime, punishment, and police
Gerald Markowitz
Public Health, American Social History
Kathleen McCarthy
women's, gender and cultural history, and the history of philanthropy and social reform
Sara McDougall
Medieval European Legal, Social, and Family History, Gender Studies
Barbara Ann Naddeo
Early Modern Europe
James Oakes
American History
Hyunhee Park
Global Intellectual History; Cross-cultural Contacts in China, East Asia, Korea, Islamic World, the Mongol Empire, Afro-Eurasia and the Atlantic World; Information/Knowledge Transfers including Geography, Cartography, and Distillation.
Michael Pfeifer
U.S. Legal, Social, and Cultural History; Global History of Violence
Michael J. Rawson
U.S. Environmental and Cultural History; Urban History
Steven P. Remy
Modern European; modern Germany and politics of memory
Jose L. Renique
Latin American History
David Reynolds
19th-Century U. S. History, Colonial U. S. History, , Cultural History, African American History
Kristina Richardson
Medieval Islamic history, Roma and Roma-affiliated “Gypsies”, Historical Linguistics, Disability
Jennifer Tolbert Roberts
Greek historiography, war and peace in antiquity, and political theory.
Andrew W. Robertson
The Early American Republic; Political History; Nineteenth Century U.S. History
Mary Roldán
19th and 20th century Latin American History; Colombia, social and political history; violence, state formation, regional politics; radio, media, urban history
Clifford Rosenberg
Modern France, social and political; immigration and citizenship; comparative empire
Jonathan Rosenberg
20th century U.S, America and the World, U.S. Civil Rights
Helena Rosenblatt
European Intellectual History, liberalism, republicanism, Christian thought, the Enlightenment, Early Modern and Modern Europe
Morris Rossabi
Asian History
Jonathan Sassi
Early American republic, American religious history, antislavery and race
Francesca Canadé Sautman
Medieval and Early Modern French History--Queer Histories and Theory--French and Francophone Studies-- Historical Anthropology and Folklore—Italian migration and diaspora studies.
Joan Scott
Women's History
Gunja SenGupta
African American history; U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction; Race and Welfare; History, Memory and Films of the Black Atlantic; Comparative/Transnational Perspectives on Slavery, Poverty and Abolition in the North Atlantic and Indian Ocean Worlds
Julia Sneeringer
Modern Germany; history of popular culture and youth culture; sex and gender 20th c. Europe
Robyn C. Spencer
Civil Rights and Black Power, Post-1945 social movements, African American Women, Urban History
Jeanne Theoharis
Civil Rights and Black Power, 20th century African American and urban history; post 1960s racial politics
John Torpey
Race, Ethnicity, and Migration
David G. Troyansky
Early Modern and Modern Europe, France.
Randolph Trumbach
British, Gay & Lesbian History
David Waldstreicher
American History
Mike Wallace
New York City
Eric D. Weitz
Modern Europe, Germany, Labor, International Human Rights and Crimes against Humanity
Gary Wilder
History of France, History and Theory of Empire
Richard Wolin
European Intellectual History
Amanda Wunder
16th- and 17th-Century Spanish Art; Early Modern European Textiles and Fashion


Ervand Abrahamian
Middle East and Iran
Evelyn Ackerman
Modern French History, History of Medicine
Carol Berkin
American and Women's History; American Colonial/Revolutionary; American Republic
Susan Besse
Latin American History
Joshua Brown
19th Century U.S. Social and Cultural History; Visual Culture; New Media
Sandi E. Cooper
Modern European History; History of the Peace Movements, Women's History, Women in International Peace Movements
Stuart Ewen
U.S. History, historian of consumer culture, propaganda, visual culture, the human sciences and of dominant ideas regarding human equality and inequality
Mary S. Gibson
Modern Italy; History of Crime; European Women's History
Christoph Kimmich
Modern Germany; European Diplomatic History
Margaret L. King
Italian Renaissance, the classical tradition; the social and cultural history of early modern Europe; women and learning 1300-1800; the history of childhood from antiquity to the present
Richard Lufrano
Asia/China History
David Nasaw
American History
Veena Talwar Oldenburg
Indian History, British Colonialism, Women's History
Gerald Oppenheimer
American, History of Medicine
Richard Powers
American History
Robert M. Seltzer
Historiogrpahy, Jewish History, Intellectual
Clarence Taylor
Modern African American, Religion; Civil Rights
Barbara Welter
American History