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Laird W. Bergad
Position: Director, Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies, CUNY Graduate Center - Distinguished Professor, Herbert H. Lehman College
Campus Affiliation: Lehman College
Phone: 212-817-8438
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh
Research Interests: Latin America & Caribbean

Selected Publications

"The Demographic and Socioeconomic History of Latinos in the New York Metropolitan Area, 1900 - 2015." Work in progress.

Agrarian Puerto Rico: Reconsidering Economy and Society, 1899 - 1940. Coauthored with César J. Ayala, Department of Sociology, UCLA.(Cambridge University Press, January 2020).

“Slavery in Cuba and Puerto Rico” in The Cambridge World History of Slavery: Volume 4, AD 1804-AD 2016 by David Eltis (Editor), Stanley L. Engerman (Editor), Seymour Drescher (Editor), David Richardson (Editor) (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2017) pp. 98 - 128.

Hispanics in the United States: A Demographic, Social, and Economic History, 1980 – 2005 (co-author with Herbert S. Klein) (Cambridge University Press, 2010).



The Comparative Histories of Slavery in Brazil, Cuba, and the United States (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007).



Escravidão e História Econômica: Demografía de Minas Gerais,1720-1888 (São Paulo: EDUSC, 2004).

Slavery and the Economic and Demographic History of Minas Gerais, Brazil, 1720-1888 (New York: Cambridge University Press, 1999) 298 pp.

The Cuban Slave Market, 1790-1880 (co-author with Fe Iglesias Garcia and Maria del Carmen Barcia) (Cambridge University Press, 1995).

Cuban Rural Society in the Nineteenth Century: The Socialand Economic History of Monoculture in Matanzas (Princeton University Press, 1990).

Coffee and the Growth of Agrarian Capitalism in Nineteenth Century Puerto Rico (Princeton University Press, 1983).