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Simon Davis
Campus Affiliation: Bronx Community College|Graduate Center
Phone: 718-289-5677
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D.: University of Exeter, UK
Research Interests: Persian Gulf, imperialism and colonialism, transnational and global history

Selected Publications

Contested Space: Anglo-American Relations in the Persian Gulf, 1939-1947, (Leiden; E.J. Brill/Martinus Nijhoff, 2009).

Historical Dictionary of the Cold War, (Lanham, MD; Scarecrow Press, 2000), (with Joseph Smith).

'The Persian Gulf in the 1940s and the Question of an Anglo-American Middle East,' History: the Journal of the Historical Association, 95, (2010).

'A Bloody Unpleasant Meeting': the United States and Britain's Retreat from East of Suez in the 1960s', Diplomatic History, 34, (2010).

'A Projected New Trusteeship'? American Internationalism, British Imperialism, and the Reconstruction of Iran, 1938-1947,' Diplomacy and Statecraft, 17, (2006).

'Keeping the Americans in Line? Britain, the United States and Saudi Arabia, 1939-1945,' Diplomacy and Statecraft 8, (March 1997).

Works in Progress:


'The Middle East' in Zeiler, Thomas, (Ed.), The Blackwell Companion to the Second World War, (Oxford; Blackwell, 2012).

Historical Dictionary of the Cold War: Second Edition (Lanham, MD; Scarecrow Press, 2013), (with Joseph Smith).

From Development and Welfare to Martial Law: Britain and Arab Palestine Under the Mandate, 1929-1939 - ongoing primary research project.