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NYC’s Growing Hispanic Population Growth: Laird W. Bergad

Laird W., BergadDistinguished Professor Laird W. Bergad (GC/Lehman, History), director of the Graduate Center’s Center for Latin American, Caribbean & Latino Studies (CLACLS), commented in a recent Wall Street Journal story about the growth in New York City’s Hispanic population.
People of Hispanic heritage now account for 29 percent of the city’s population, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. In the Bronx, the borough with the greatest growth, Hispanics made up 56 percent of residents in 2016, up from 53.6 percent in 2010 — an increase, Bergad told the paper, that is tied in part to a rise in the Dominican population.
“Some 10-to-15,000 Dominicans are arriving each year from the island and if you add that onto natural reproduction and fairly significant birthrates, we’re getting a growth of the Dominican population in the city,” Bergad said. “The Bronx calls because it is a lower cost of living area.”

Submitted on: JUN 23, 2017

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