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Faculty Book: Alberto M. Bursztyn, ed.

Alberto M. Bursztyn, ed.

The Praeger Handbook of Special Education
(Praeger Books, 2007)

Since the mid 1970s, special education has steadily grown to reach fully twelve percent of the U.S. student population in grades K–12, and millions of children from birth to age five. Despite its promise of equal access, special education has become a controversial field. Critics point to its high cost, questionable pedagogical effectiveness, and differential outcomes across localities, family income levels, and ethnicities. This handbook departs from the traditional books in this field by focusing on the ways that special education policies and practices are enacted, rather than highlighting only their intended outcomes. Contributors focus on defining commonly used terms and professional jargon in order to give interested readers access and insight into the field of special education and its associated practices. Some of the subjects included are the history of special education, disability and society, law and special education, pedagogy, policies and practices, and research in special education. Alberto M. Bursztyn is a professor of urban education at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: DEC 12, 2007

Category: Faculty Books | Urban Education