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Faculty Book: Helen L. Johnson

Helen L. Johnson and Arthur Salz, eds.

What is Authentic Educational Reform: Pushing Against the Compassionate Conservative Agenda
(Routledge, 2007; paperback, 2008)

Challenging the compassionate conservative agenda for educational reform—an agenda which seeks to improve American education through a business model focused on scripted lessons, lock-step approaches to teaching, high-stakes testing, and rigid accountability measures—this book critiques the assumptions of this agenda, examines the problems that have riddled its implementation in schools, and suggests constructive alternatives. Educational theorists and researchers—including Joel Spring, Sonia Nieto, Bill Ayers, and Susan Ohanian—classroom teachers, and parents, offer a mix of perspectives on: the social and political contexts of current educational reform initiatives; the impact of the compassionate conservative agenda on educational policies and practices; the ways in which children and teachers are affected by this agenda and its policies; and approaches that hold out hope for implementing authentic education reform. Helen L. Johnson is a professor of educational psychology and urban education at Queens College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JUL 23, 2007

Category: Educational Psychology | Faculty Books | Urban Education