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Faculty Book: Beth Baron

Beth Baron

Egypt as a Woman: Nationalism, Gender, and Politics
(University of California Press, 2005; 302 pp.)

In Egypt as a Woman, Beth Baron examines the influence of gender in shaping the Egyptian nation from the nineteenth century through the revolution of 1919 and into the 1940s. Using rich historical detail, Baron illustrates the importance of women in mobilizing opposition to British authority and in early attempts at modernizing Egypt; she divides her book's compelling narrative into two strands, the first analyzing gendered language and images in the nation and the second considering the political activities of Egyptian women nationalists. Baron's research reveals that, although women were largely excluded from participating in the state in Egypt, they nevertheless pervaded the visual imagery of nationalism in that country. Baron juxtaposes the idealization of the family and the feminine in nationalist rhetoric with transformations in elite households and the work of women activists striving for national independence. Baron is a professor of history at The Graduate Center and City College, and co-director of the Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center.

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Submitted on: FEB 28, 2005

Category: History