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Faculty Book: Joseph W. Dauben

Joseph W. Dauben

Abraham Robinson: The Creation of Nonstandard Analysis
(Beijing: Science Press, 2005; Chinese edition; Wang Qian, translator)


 One of the most prominent mathematicians of the twentieth century, Robinson discovered and developed nonstandard analysis, a rigorous theory of infinitesimals that he used to unite mathematical logic with the larger body of historic and modern mathematics. In this first biography of Robinson, out of print in the English edition (Princeton University Press, 1995) but now published in China, Joseph Dauben reveals the mathematician's personal life to have been a dramatic one: developing his talents in spite of war and ethnic repression, Robinson personally confronted some of the worst political troubles of our times. With the skill and expertise familiar to readers of Dauben's earlier works, the book combines an explanation of Robinson's revolutionary achievements in pure and applied mathematics with a description of his odyssey from Hitler's Germany to the United States via conflict-ridden Palestine and wartime Europe. Joseph W. Dauben is a distinguished professor of history at Lehman College and The Graduate Center.
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Submitted on: MAY 26, 2005

Category: History