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Faculty Book: Sally Webster

Sally Webster

Eve's Daughter/Modern Woman
(University of Illinois Press, 2004; 176 pp.) 

Often regarded as merely the creator of sentimental images of mothers and children or an expatriate heavily influenced by Impressionism, Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) is not typically described as an artist of radical convictions. In Eve's Daughter/Modern Woman, Sally Webster reevaluates these dismissals with a historical, aesthetic, and symbolist analysis of Cassatt's unique venture into the male-dominated realm of large-scale mural painting. The book undertakes a complete overview of Cassatt's mural, Modern Woman, synthesizing a wide variety of interpretations and original observations to present the first complete treatment of the work. Webster is a professor of art history at The Graduate Center and Lehman College.

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Submitted on: MAR 31, 2004

Category: Faculty Books | History