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Student Accomplishments




CONGRATULATIONS to the following students! 

Gordon Barnes - $4,000 Early Research Initiative Award for Archival Research in African American and African Diaspora Studies

Megan Brown - $22,000 Graduate Center Dissertation Year Fellowship

Mila Burns - $4,000 Early Research Initiative Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies

Krystle Farman - $4,000 Early Research Initiative Award for Archival Research in African American and African Diaspora Studies

Benjamin Hellwege - $4,000 Early Research Initiative Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies

Jonathan Hill - $22,000 Graduate Center Dissertation Year Fellowship 

Miriam Liebman - $4,000 Early Research Initiative Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies

Sarah Litvin - $15,000 Andrew W. Mellon Pre-doctoral Fellowships in Women’s History at the New-York Historical Society  and a Graduate Student Public Humanities Fellowship at The New York Council for the Humanities

Diana Moore - $22,000 Graduate Center Carell Dissertation Year Fellowship

Nora Slonimsky - $24,000 Graduate Center Mario Capelloni Dissertation Fellowship and a $30,000 McNeil Center for Early American Studies Dissertation Fellowship

Johnathan Thayer - $4,000 Early Research Initiative Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies and the Graduate Student Public Humanities Fellowship at The New York Council for the Humanities

Antonella Vitale - $5,000 Graduate Center Dissertation Year Award

Alisa Wade - $60,000 Bernard and Irene Schwartz Fellowship at the New-York Historical Society and a $4,000 Early Research Initiative Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies




Chad Turner has accepted an Assistant Professor position at St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana.
Paula Austin has accepted an Assistant Professor position at California State University, Sacramento. 
Nicole Burrowes has been awarded a two-year Presidential Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship at Brown University.

Vincenzo Selleri had an article, "Jews in the Piazza - Jewish Self-government in Fifteenth-century Kingdom of Naples", published in European Journal of Jewish Studies and was accepted to a conference: ‘Jewish/non-Jewish Relations from Antiquity to the Present at the University of Southampton.’

Alisa Wade received the Ruth R. and Alyson R. Miller Research Fellowship at the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Barry Goldberg has an article forthcoming in New York History: A Quarterly Journal. The article will appear in a special issue of the journal entitled "Race and New York."

Melis Sulos published “Performance as Politics of Westernization in the Late Ottoman World,” in Celebration, Entertainment and Theatre in the Ottoman World, Suraiya Faroqhi and Arzu Ozturkmen (eds.), London; New York; Calcutta: Seagull Books, 2014, pp. 432-449

Katie Uva was awarded a $25,000 Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Education Fellowship at the Museum of the City of New York.

Lawrence Cappello on the publication of his article “Privacy and the Profit Motive” in The Nation magazine.
Andrew Shield published his article "‘Suriname – Seeking a Lonely, Lesbian Friend for Correspondence’: Immigration and Homo-emancipation in the Netherlands, 1965–79" in the History Workshop Journal (Fall 2014). He is also a part of a team of six scholars who received the prestigious Sapere Aude grant from the Danish Council for the Humanities (FKK) for research regarding "New Media, New Intimacies." Andrew's work focuses on immigrant and ethnic minorities' use of media (old and new) in Denmark and the Netherlands. (Total $1,036,500 for the six researchers over three years.)
Laura Ping won a short term research fellowship to Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library and this year has presented at the American Historical Association and the Western Association of Women Historians Conference.
Krystle Farman won the Advanced Research Collaborative Grant in African American and African Diaspora Studies.
Dory Agazarian’s essay “Victorian Roads to Rome: Historical Travel in the Wake of the Grand Tour” won the “Susan Morgan Graduate Student Essay Prize” for 2015 given by the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Association. 

Arman Azimi has written two entries, "Mohammad Khatami" and "Reform: Iran," for the forthcoming The Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, 2nd Edition.
Chris Rominger was awarded a Marandon Fellowship from the La Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d'Amérique for summer research in France.
Faye Haun was awarded a Doctoral Student Research Grant for 2015-2016.  

Jeff Diamant has received a dissertation fellowship from the Committee for the Study of Religion

Mila Burns won The  Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation Grant and the Advanced Research Collaborative Fellowship (ARC / CUNY) and had an article published at the Revista de Estudios de Seguridad y Defensa.

Nick Cross was accepted to the 2015 summer program at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA) and received a full tuition ($5000) scholarship to attend the program from the New York Classical Club. 

Logan McBride has been selected for the $20,000 E.P. Thompson dissertation fellowship.

Brendan O'Malley was named a Bernard and Irene Schwartz Postdoctoral Fellow at the New-York Historical Society.

Ky Woltering and Diana Moore have won the John M. Cammett Award, at $1500 each. 

Sean Griffin and Ben Hellwege are co-recipients of the dissertation fellowship from The National Society of Colonial Dames in the State of New York. 

Sean Griffin has also been awarded an Advanced Research Collaborative Award in African American and African Diaspora Studies and a Doctoral Student Research Grant. 

Ben Hellwege has also been awarded the Bordin Gillette Researcher Travel Fellowship, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI;
the Robert L. Platzman Memorial Fellowship, University of Chicago Libraries, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; the Grants-in-Aid Award, Friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; the Elmer L. Andersen Research Scholars Program Award, University of Minnesota Libraries, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

Erin Wuebker is the recipient of the "New Media Lab History and Public Health Award" for her digital project, "Venereal  Disease Visual History Archive."

Johnathan Thayer is also a Graduate Student Researcher at the New Media Lab, "Mapping New York City’s Sailortown"

Nicole Burrowes has been awarded a two-year Presidential Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship at Brown University.

The Colonial Dames of America Scholarship Committee approved grants of $3,550 each, a total of $7,100, for Miriam Liebman and John Winters' research.

Chelsea Schields has been named a recipient of a Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Mellon Fellowship for Dissertation Research in Original Sources.

Alisa Harrison, John Winters, and Nora Slonimsky each won a New-York Historical Society Graduate Archival Research Fellowship.

Carell Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)
Deborah Charnoff  
Men Set on Fire: Algernon Sidney, John Adams and the Anglo-American Republican Tradition
The Schomburg Archival Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)
Jeff Diamant
Saudi Arabian Influence on African-American Muslims: Transnational Transformations in Islam, 1975-2000
Dissertation Year Fellowship ($22,000)
Nicholas Cross
The Greeks and Interstate Alliances in the Fourth Century BCE: a Socio-cultural Perspective
Jeffrey Culang
 (Re)Constituting Egypt: Citizenship, Nationality, and Religion, 1882-1936
Roy Rogers 
Politics, Law, and Denominational Competition in the Early National Chesapeake, 1776-1817
Chelsea Schields 
Closer Ties: The Dutch Caribbean and the Aftermath of Empire, 1942-2012
Secil Yilmaz 
Love in the Time of Syphilis: Medicine, Sex, and Emotion in the Ottoman Empire and Early Republican Turkey (1860-1940)
Randolph L. Braham Dissertation Award ($12,000)
Irit Bloch 
“Bending the Law”- Weimar Judiciary and The Political Bias Paradox of the Legal System
Center for Place, Culture and Politics Dissertation Fellowship ($10,000)
Andrew Battle 
Community Development, the Urban Crisis, and the End of the Ghetto in Bedford-Stuyvesant
Dissertation Year Awards ($5,000)

Antonella Vitale (History) Fuitina: Love, Sex, and Rape in Modern Italy 1945-Present



The Schomburg Archival Dissertation Fellowship ($22,000)
Paula Austin “Narratives of Black Interiority: Every Day Lives in the U.S. Capital, 1919 – 1942”
Dissertation Year Fellowships ($22,000)
Dory Agazarian  Making History: Academic and Consumer Appropriations of the Past in Victorian Britain
David Houpt  Political Parties and the Deliberative Process: Political Mobilization in Pennsylvania, 1783-1809              
Katherine McBride  Every Day a Captive: Inmates, Officers, and New York’s Crisis in Corrections, 1955-1990
Paul Schweigert  When George Washington Spoke French: French Liberalism in Transatlantic Perspective        

Megan Brown received the Council for European Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship

Megan Brown received a Fulbright award for 2014 - 2015

Jonathan P. Hill received a Fulbright award for 2014 - 2015.

Lauren Santangelo was named a Bernard and Irene Schwartz Postdoctoral Fellow at the New-York Historical Society.

David Sclar has been awarded a postdoc at the University of Toronto for 2014-2015, He has also been awarded a Visiting Research Fellowship to participate in a seminar at Oxford University.

Chris Rominger was accepted to an NEH Seminar at Georgetown on WWI in the Middle East
 Dory Agazarian organized a panel and presented a paper at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Conference at the University of Houston in March.  She  was also chosen to be one of two graduate students to serve on the Advisory Board of the North American Victorian Studies Association

Micki Kaufman has been awarded a second Digital Fellowship for 2014-2015 .  She spoke in April at the UVA Scholars' Lab in Charlottesville on Digital Humanities and History (a podcast is available on iTunes) and then in May at Seton Hall University on Digital Humanities and History. She has been invited to a visiting scholars appointment this coming year at UVA and the Miller Center's Presidential Recordings Program. She will speak this coming year at Yale and at IREX, an NGO in Washington, DC. The session proposal she organized for the 2015 AHA conference, titled 'Text Analysis, Visualization and Historical Interpretation,' was accepted.

Laura Ping has been awarded the The National Society of Colonial Dames in the State of New York Dissertation Fellowship.

Alisa Harrison has been awarded the E.P Thompson Fellowship

Victoria Calabrese has been awarded the Cannistraro Award

Diana Moore has been awarded the Cammett Award.

Christopher Morell received the Colonial Dames of America Fellowship.



Paul Polgar has been selected as the NEH Postdoctoral Fellow at the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture and will be Visiting Assistant Professor of History, College of William and Mary, 2013-2015.
John Blanton won the E.P. Thompson Dissertation fellowship.
Antonella Vitale won the Cammett Award.
Victoria Calabrese has been selected as the recipient of the Cannistraro Award.
Logan McBride has been selected as the recipient of the National Society of Colonial Dames in the State of New York Dissertation fellowship.
Roy Rogers has been selected as the recipient of the Colonial Dames of America fellowship.
Geoff Burrows, Scott Johnson, Timothy Keogh, David Sclar and Kyle Francis have been selected as recipients of the Graduate Center Dissertation Year Fellowships.

Scott Johnson presented at the Society for French Historical Studies annual meeting at MIT this past April.

David Sclar has also won a fellowship with the Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization at New York University School of Law.
Ethan Zadoff was awarded a 2013-2014 Leo Baeck Fellowship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation). He also had one article published and one accepted for publication: "England and the Talmudic community of medieval Europe,” in English Society and the Jews in the Middle Ages: The York massacre of 1190 in context’ edited by Sarah Rees Jones and Sethina Watson, Boydell and Brewer, 2013; “Zadoff on Kwall: A Historian’s Critique” Response to “The Cultural Analysis Paradigm: Women and Synagogue Ritual as a Case Study" by Roberta Rosenthal Kwall in De Novo, Cardozo Law Review, Volume 34 (forthcoming).

Anna Simonson has been selected as the recipient of the Levy Center for Biography Dissertation Fellowship
Paula Austin has been selected as a recipient of the MAGNET Dissertation Fellowship
Cara Caddoo has been offered a book contract from Harvard University Press for her dissertation Envisioned Communities.
Micki Kaufman co-wrote an article titled 'General, I Have Fought Just As Many Nuclear Wars As You Have' which was published in December's American Historical Review. She was also given a 2012-2014 Provost's Digital Innovation Grant, a 2012-2014 Graduate Center Digital Fellowship, and has been appointed leader of the CUNY GC's Internet Research Team 2013-2014.
David Houpt received the ARC Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies from the Graduate Center. He also published a chapter, "John Adams and the Elections of 1796 and 1800" in A Companion to John Adams and John Quincy Adams ed. David Waldstreicher.
Kyle Francis has won the DSRG Student Research Grant 
Yari Rodriguez won the CLACLS summer travel fellowship              
Geoff Burrows presented a chapter of his dissertation on the New Deal in Puerto Rico at the Association of Caribbean Historians conference in San Ignacio Belize.
Lawrence Cappello's article "In Harm's Way" is being published in a book on the 1912 Bread and Roses Strike by Baywood Publishers.
Irit Bloch received a GC Writing Fellowship.

Megan Brown received the Council for European Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship


Brian Fox has been awarded the Charles Schmitt Prize in Intellectual History by the editors of the Intellectual History Review for the first chapter of his dissertation, "Schmitt's Use and Abuse of Donoso Cortes on Dictatorship."


Nicole Burrows is a Pre-doc Fellow at the University of Texas-Austin for 2011-2012 in the African and African Diaspora Department and won a Graduate Center Doctoral Research Grant.

Rachel Burstein won a National Society of Colonial Dames Fellowship and the newly established fellowship in honor of the memory of Michael Braun for students working in labor history.

David Gary won the E.P. Thompson Fellowship.

Carl Lindskoog published two chapters: "Power and Popular Resistance in the History of Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora," in Rebuilding Sustainable Communities with Vulnerable Populations after the Cameras Have Gone: A worldwide study (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, forthcoming 2012) and "Haitian Americans," in The Oxford Encyclopedia of American History (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2012).

Anton Masterovoy published two articles: "Belarus" and "Ukraine" in Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia (Greenwood, May 2011).

Alisa Harrison and Laura Ping received Colonial Dames of Amerca Awards.

Paul Polgar received two research fellowships: Scholarly Fellowship at the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History for 2010-2011 and the Society of Historians of the Early American Republic Fellowship from the Library Company of Philadelphia and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania for 2011-2012.

Tracy Robey won the 2011 Graduate Center Renaissance Studies Certificate Program Essay Prize and a Doctoral Student Research Grant.

Lauren Santangelo won a National Society of Colonial Dames Fellowship.

David Sclar was awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship at the Center for Jewish History for 2011-2012; awarded CUNY Doctoral Students Research Grant in Competition #6 (2011); edited Treasures of the Valmadonna Trust Library: A Catalogue of 15th-Century Books and Five centuries of Deluxe Hebrew Printing (New York, 2011); edited the exhibition text of the New York Library exhibition Three Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam (october 2010-February 2011); published article "The Rise of the Ramhal: Printing and Traditional Jewish Historiography in the 'After-Life' of Moses Hayyim Luzzatto," in Ramhal: Pensiero ebraico e kabbalah tra Padova ed Eretz Israel, edited by Gadi Luzzatto Voghera and Mauro Perani (Padua: Esedra editrice s.r.l., 2010).

Ethan Zadoff was elected to serve two year term on the Graduate Student Committee of the Medieval Academy Of America; appointed book review editor of H-Law list-serve, part of the H- Net group of sites; and received the Graduate Student Research fellowship in law and legal theory at the Benjamin N Cardozo School of Law.

Ran Zwigenberg won an ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship for 2011-2012; was a Committee on Religion Mellon Fellow in Spring 2011; and was a Seminar on Emotions Mellon Fellow in 2010-2011.

Irit Bloch, Victoria Calabrese, Debbie Charnoff, Brian Freeman, and Ellen Zitani won Doctoral Student Research Grants.

Miriam Intrator, was awarded a 2011-2012 SSRC International Dissertation Research Fellowship.

Aleksandra Kobiljski was recruited for a research position at CNRS (Paris).


Ben Tyner has accepted a tenure-track job in the History Department at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Aleksandra Majstorac-Kobiljski received a post-doctoral fellowship in East Asian History at Harvard University.

Paul Polgar recently had articles accepted for publication, including: "'To Raise Them to an Equal Participation': Early National Abolitionism, Gradual Emancipation, and the Promise of African American Citizenship" in the Journal of the Early Republic; "'Whenever They Judge it Expedient'" in American Nineteenth Century History (forthcoming spring 2011).

J. Brian Freeman recently had three articles/chapters accepted for publication: "El automóvil y el turismo Norteamericano en México, 1900-1940" in Historia de México desde la óptica de la Ciencia y la Tecnología (forthcoming); "Driving Pan-Americanism: Imagining a Gulf of Mexico Highway" in the Journal of Latino-Latin American Studies (Fall/Winter 2010); and "'La carrera de la muerte': Death, Driving, and Rituals of Modernization in 1950s Mexico" in Studies in Latin American Popular Culture (2011).

Stanley Mirvis will publish "Sexuality and Sentiment: Concubinage between Jewish Men and their Female Slaves in Late Eighteenth-Century Jamaica" in The Jewish Diaspora of the Caribbean, edited by Jane Gerber. (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization.)
He was also awarded a Center for Jewish History Dissertation Fellowship for 2010-2011.

Ellen Zitani published "Sibilla Aleramo, Lina Poletti and Giovanni Cena: Understanding Links between Lesbian Desire, Feminism and Free Love in Early-Twentieth-Century Italy" in the Graduate Journal of Social Sciences special issue on Queer Studies: Methodological Approaches. Vol. 6, Issue 1 (April 2009) 115-140.

Kate Hallgren will publish "Maternalism Goes to War: Class, Nativism and Mothers' Fight for Conscription in America's First World War," in Women of the Right: Comparisons and Exchanges Across National Borders, edited by Sandra Deutsch and Kathleen Blee in 2012..

David Houpt published: "Securing a Legacy: The Publication of James Madison's Notes From the Constitutional Convention" in The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.

Miriam Intrator received the History Program Sponsored Dissertation Fellowship for 2010-2011.

Evan Friss received the E. P. Thompson Dissertation Fellowship for 2010-2011.

Thomas Harbison received the National Society of Colonial Dames of New York Dissertation Fellowship for 2010-2011.

Sultana Banulescu received the Randolph Braham Dissertation Fellowship for 2010-2011.

David Gary received the Leon Levy Center for Biography Dissertation Fellowship for 2010-2011.

Stanley Mirvis has been awarded a Center For Jewish History Dissertation Fellowship, 2010-2011.

Jameel Haque received a Critical Language Scholarship from the US Dept. of State to study Urdu in India.

Anton Masterovoy received a Kennan Institute Title VIII short-term grant to research in Washington D.C.

Anna McGehee received the Colonial Dames of America Award for 2010-2011.

Sultana Banulescu, Elizabeth Fitton, Evan Friss, Rachael Goldman, Stephanie Gonzalez, David Gary, Joshua Kinlaw, David Parsons, and Francesca Vassalle received Graduate Center Doctoral Student Research Grants for 2009-2010.

Stanley Mirvis, Lauren Santangelo and Brian Smollett received passing grades with distinction on their oral exams.

Paul Schweigert and Kutlughan Soyubol received awards for outstanding performance on the History Program's first written exam.