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Resources for History Graduate Students from the American Historical Association.

Historical and Research Resources

Audio Recordings from the Roundtable on Writing History
On March 7th 2008, The History Department sponsored a roundtable discussion on writing history with Professors Dagmar Herzog, Thomas Kessner, David Nasaw, and Martin Woessner. Listen to the transcript by clicking the links below:
Introduction (David Nasaw)
Dagmar Herzog
Thomas Kessner
David Nasaw
Martin Woessner
Comments and Questions

Links to Other Historical Resources

The Gotham Center
The American Social History Project

The History Department at Brookyln College has compiled an excellent list of resources, on their website.

Pedagogical Resources

Pedagogy Workshop "Bottom Lines": Suggestions for Historians and other Social Science and Humanities Scholars
Professor D. Herzog

Center for History and New Media Syllabus Finder

Digital History: A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web
"A plainspoken and thorough introduction to the web for historians-teachers and students, archivists and museum curators, professors as well as amateur enthusiasts-who wish to produce online historical work, or to build upon and improve the projects they have already started in this important new medium."

Tools Center (Center For History and New Media)
...a collaborative resource to connect builders and users of digital tools. Originally built to support the online history community, the Tools Center has expanded and welcomes entries on tools for digital scholarship, archiving and preservation writ large."