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Professional Organizations. All doctoral students are encouraged to join professional organizations such as:

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In addition to the vast holdings in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American literatures maintained in the libraries of the CUNY colleges and The Graduate Center, students have access to the collections of various public and private institutions dedicated to Iberian and Latin American studies. The New York Public Library, located nearby, has one of the finest Hispanic collections in the world. Students also have access to the extraordinary collections of the Hispanic Society of America.

On-line Journals

  • Cervantes - Official journal of the Cervantes Society of America
  • CiberLetras - Journal of literary criticism and culture
  • Dieciocho - Eighteenth-century studies in Spain and Latin America
  • Espéculo - Electronic journal of literary studies
  • Hispanista - Primera revista electrónica de los hispanistas de Brazil.
  • Laberinto - Spanish and Spanish-American texts from the early modern period, 1450-1750
  • Lemir - Journal dedicated to Spanish Medieval and Renaissance Literature
  • LLJournal - Journal of the Students of The Ph.D. Program in Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages, The CUNY Graduate Center
  • Colonial Latin American Review - Interdisciplinary Journal founded in 1992 at The City College, CUNY, to study the colonial period; publishes in Spanish, Portuguese and English.


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