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Curriculum and Degree Information

Program of Study

A minimum of 60 credits beyond the bachelor’s degree are required for the Doctor of Philosophy of which a maximum of 30 can be transferred from another institution.

For the courses and seminars to count towards the Ph.D. students must obtain a grade of B or higher.

All students must take the following courses:

  • Hispanic Critical and Cultural Theory
  • Spanish as a Historical Problem 

The tracks have their own required courses and requirements for the first and second examinations. Please see the track pages for more details:


Language Requirement

All students must follow a course of study approved by the Executive Officer.

Prior to taking the 2nd Examination, students must demonstrate reading proficiency on two languages other than Spanish or English. Any two of the following languages are required: French, German, Italian, Latin, or Portuguese. Any other language with relevance to the student’s doctoral work may be approved by the Executive Officer. Proficiency may be demonstrated by passing a written test given by the program or by completing two semesters of a reading course offered by the City University of New York and approved by the Executive Officer.


All doctoral students in the Ph.D. Program in Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures will be required to complete two examinations to earn their degree. Each track has it's own learning goals and structure for the exams. Please see the track pages for more details: 



Students will start the dissertation process after passing their second examination. Each student, working with a dissertation committee, will choose a unique topic that must be approved by the committee and the program's executive officer. The dissertation is an important opportunity for the student to make a unique contribution to the field. 

Dissertation Guidelines
Dissertation Progress