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Esther Allen
Translation, 19th and 20th century Latin American and French literature, life writing (autobiography and biography), and issues in anglophone globalization.
Isolina Ballesteros
Cultural studies with a dual interest in gender, ethnicity and migration to Europe, and the cultural memory of the Spanish Civil War.
Raquel Chang-Rodriguez
Colonial Studies, 'Indigenismo' The Relationship between Text and Images in Literature.
William Childers
Cervantes, Theory of the Baroque, the Moriscos.
Marithelma Costa
Medieval Spanish Literature Fifthteenth-Century Cancioneros, Romancero
Cecelia Cutler
Language and Identity.
Silvia Dapía
Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Latin American Literature and Culture (emphasis on Southern Cone—Argentina and Chile); Transnational and Translation Studies; Gender Studies (Third World Feminist Theory and Masculinities); Transitional Justice and Memory Studies; Philosophy and Literature; Critical Theory; Affect Theory and Politics of Emotion.
Fernando Degiovanni
Modern and contemporary Argentine literature and culture; Latin American critical theory; transnational literatures and cosmopolitism; performance and embodiment.
José Del Valle
The Sociology of Language, Critical Sociolinguistics and Glottopolitical Theory. Nationalism; neocolonialism; the political economy of language; language policy; language standardization; language, identity and politics in 19th- and 20th-century Spain and Latin America; the history of philology and linguistics in Spain and Latin America
Eva Fernández
Human sentence processing, bilingualism, second language acquisition, instructional technology
Ofelia García
Language and Education, Bilingualism, Sociology of Language.
Nora Glickman
Twentieth Century Latin American Literature, Cinema and Theatre, Creative Writing.
Jean Graham-Jones
Contemporary and colonial Latin American (especially Argentine) theatre and performance in addition to theatre, performance, and cultural theories.
Beatriz Lado
Bi/multilingual language acquisition (foreign, L2, L3, Ln, local, and heritage), role of feedback & individual differences on language learning, language teaching methodology, critical approaches to language learning & teaching, language assessment & placement.
José Luis Madrigal
Fiction and Essay in Sixteenth Century Spain and in other periods.
Miki Makihara
Linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, anthropology; ethnography of speaking, discourse analysis, political economy of language, language ideology, language contact, bilingualism, ethnicity; Polynesia, Pacific
Ariana Mangual Figueroa
Citizenship and Schooling; Latinx Mixed-status Families; Language Socialization; Linguistic Anthropology; Ethics and Ethnography
Elena Martínez
Latin American Literature, Gay and Lesbian, Cuban Literature in the U.S.
José Miguel Martínez Torrejón
Politics and Literature, Rhetorics in Political Discourse, Philological and Rhetorical Analysis, Textual Criticism, History of Ideas, Iberian Studies, Early Modern Portuguese History and Literature, Peninsular and Colonial Historiography, Bartolomé de las Casas, Garcilaso Inca de la Vega,
Juan Carlos Mercado
19th- and 20th- Century Spanish-American Literature History of Ideas in Latin America, The Essay 16th-Century Discoverers and Explorers in North America (USA Territory).
Nuria Morgado
20th and 21st century Spanish literature, cultural studies, comparative literature, philosophy and Hispanic literatures and cultures.
Magdalena Perkowska
Latin American Literature, Historical Novel, Visual Studies, Central American Fiction Literary and Cultural Theories
Sara Pollack
Politics of literary translation, the intersections between philosophy and contemporary Latin American poetry, and Latin American Orientalisms.
Carlos Riobó
Cuban and Argentine literatures and cultures; Archive and Archiving; Critical theory and cultural studies; Captivity narratives from the Southern Cone.
Paul Julian Smith
Spanish and Mexican cinema and television, critical theory
Francisco Soto
Latin American Literature Hispanic Caribbean Literature Latino/Latina Literature Latin American Short Story Gender Studies in Latin America
Araceli Tinajero
Orientalisms, Modernismo, reading history, travel writing and biography, transoceanic studies, Mexican, Caribbean and Latino literatures in comparative perspective.
Oswaldo Zavala
20th and 21st Century Mexican Literary and Cultural Studies; US-Mexico Border and North/South Studies; Mexican Journalism and Media Culture; Latin American Literary and Critical Theory; Neoliberalism, Geopolitics and Violence in Latin America; 20th and 21st Century Latin American Narrative