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Phonology is a central area of research and study in the Linguistics Program. Students are encouraged to describe understudied sound patterns, explore theoretical implications of common and uncommon sound patterns, understand sound patterns in terms of their phonetic bases and historical developments, and design experiments to better understand the nature of phonological knowledge and its relationship to morphology, syntax and semantics.

Once home to the annual CUNY Phonology Forum, the Linguistics program now has regular symposium speakers engaged in phonological research, hosts visiting international scholars engaged in the study of sound patterns, and, by popular demand, offers seasonal workshops and reading groups on special topics in phonetics and phonology.

Present, past, and future phonological research includes documentation & description, analysis, and theoretical studies of sound inventories, phonotactics, prosodic domains, alternations, and the relationship between sound patterns and sound change.

Juliette Blevins

Professor, Acting Executive Officer (Fall 2019)
Graduate Center
Room 7400.09

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