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Linguistics at the Graduate Center

The Linguistics Program at the Graduate Center is designed to provide students with well-grounded training in general linguistics and a wide choice of specialized subdisciplines. Our PhD. and M.A. programs prepare students for careers in scientific research, teaching, private industry, and public planning. To this end, we offer coursework, laboratory experience, and research supervision in theoretical, experimental, descriptive, and applied linguistics. PhD. candidates master the discipline of linguistics in its broadest sense, acquire knowledge of a specialized area, and carry out independent research, while M.A. students may have a narrower, more descriptive, or critical focus.  All graduate students work closely with faculty members of their choice.


Our faculty members are internationally recognized for their research expertise in many areas, including:

  • bilingualism and multilingualism
  • computational linguistics
  • endangered languages
  • first language acquisition
  • historical linguistics
  • linguistic typology
  • morphology
  • neurolinguistics
  • phonetics and laboratory phonology
  • phonology
  • psycholinguistics
  • second language acquisition
  • semantics
  • sentence processing
  • sociolinguistics
  • syntax 

Interdisciplinary work is strongly encouraged, and a number of Linguistics faculty hold joint appointments in other programs, including Anthropology, Computer Science, Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages, Philosophy, Psychology, and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences.

Major grant-funded projects and research initiatives include:

New York City is considered one of the most linguistically diverse places on earth.  Could there be a better place to study linguistics? 

Executive Officer

Gita Martohardjono

Executive Officer, Associate Professor
Graduate Center
Room 7407.01

Phone 212-817-8500

Assistant Program Officer

Nishi Bissoondial

Assistant Program Officer
Graduate Center
Room 7407

Phone 212-817-8513