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Spanish Linguistics

The Program is home to the CUNY Project on the Spanish of New York, a corpus-based endeavor in which faculty and students conduct structural and variationist research using one of the largest existing corpora of transcribed spoken Spanish ever gathered in the United States. The corpus includes oral samples from nearly two-hundred speakers from six different Latin American countries, stratified according to a variety of socio-demographic characteristics. The Project is one of several in the Linguistics Program conducted with support from RISLUS (the Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society), a University institute housed at the Graduate Center Linguistics Program. RISLUS receives support from the National Science Foundation, the NY State Department of Education, and several private foundations.

Students and recent graduates engaged in research on Spanish Linguistics have been guided in the publication of books, papers in refereed journals, and oral presentations and posters for professional conferences, some using their own newly generated qualitative or quantitative data, others making use of our existing corpora. Some of these papers and publications have been jointly authored with faculty members.

The Ph.D. / M.A. Program in Linguistics is also home to the Bilingual Literacy Project, which is carried out collaboratively between Program faculty and students interested in Spanish and in first- and second-language acquisition. The Project works with public-school children and investigates aspects of the acquisition of language and literacy in English and Spanish, using psycholinguistic techniques to explore the connection between language and literacy in bilingual Latino children. This Project is also conducted in cooperation with RISLUS.”

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