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The Ph.D. in Linguistics aims to train students for careers in research and teaching in theoretical or applied linguistics. Ph.D. candidates master the discipline of linguistics in its broadest sense, acquire knowledge of a specialized area, and carry out independent research.

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En-Route Degree Options for Doctoral Students

Master of Arts (M.A.)
A doctoral student is eligible for an en-route Master’s degree after having completed 45 credits and the First Examination, and having fulfilled one language requirement. Applications are available from the Program Office - please contact Assistant Program Officer Nishi Bissoondial at for more information.

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)
A doctoral student who has a.b.d. (all but degree), having completed the 60 credits requirement and the First and Second Examinations, and having fulfilled both language requirements, will automatically be sent an application for the Master of Philosophy degree from the Registrar’s Office.

Computational Linguistics (CL) Certificate for Doctoral Students
A certificate for doctoral students allows them to pursue a specialization in the field of computational linguistics following the CL M.A. core course requirements (with exception of the CL M.A. thesis).  Participation in the certificate program can prepare doctoral students for research within the sub-field of computational linguistics or for using computer programming and statistical techniques for analyzing language data while pursuing research in some other sub-field of linguistics. This certificate is awarded at the completion of the Ph.D. degree.