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New Directions in Experimental Semantics

New Directions in Experimental Semantics

In recent years, experimental approaches have come to play an increasing role in formal semantics and pragmatics, prompted by a desire to confirm and augment data grounded in linguistic intuitions, as well as by the greater availability of easy-to-implement experimental methods.  This workshop highlights contemporary work that applies experimental techniques to developing and distinguishing between theoretical accounts of meaning in language.  After an introductory lecture surveying the motivations for the trend towards experimentation and the diverse applications of experimentally generated data, three talks by semanticists working this area provide case studies illustrating how experimental approaches have yielded insights into important theoretical questions in semantics.

The schedule is listed below. Program and abstracts can be found here.

Wednesday 3/26

The experimental trend in semantics - an introduction


Sam Alxatib (CUNY) and Stephanie Solt (ZAS Berlin)
2-4 pm
Room 9207

*Open to GC students and faculty only*

Thursday 3/27

Inclusive and exclusive plurality: experimental investigations

Scott Grimm (University of Rochester)
4:15 - 5:45pm
Room C198

Experimental contributions to a theory of vagueness and gradability


Stephanie Solt (ZAS Berlin)
6:15 - 7:45 pm
Room C198

Friday 3/28

On the Processing and Acquisition of Only: Question-Answer Congruence, Scalar Presupposition and the Structure of Alternatives

Martin Hackl (MIT)
10:30am - 12:00pm
Skylight Room 9th Floor

Program and Abstracts

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