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Gita Martohardjono
Position: Associate Professor and Program Chair
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Phone: 212-817-8500
Degrees/Diplomas: Ph.D., Cornell University
Research Interests: Second language acquisition, bilingualism and biliteracy, “heritage” and minority language studies

Active Research Goals and Projects


Current research projects in the Second Language Acquisition Lab:

  • First and Second Generation Bilinguals:  an ERP study
  • Eye-tracking and Pupillometry in Second Language Acquisition
  • The Development of Language and Literacy in Bilingual Students with low Native Language Literacy
  • English Language Learners Periodic Assessments in the Native Language (Chinese)


Ph.D. dissertations supervised

1. Singhapreecha, Pornsiri (1999). The Acquisition of Case, Tense, and Agreement Features: A Study of Thai Learners of English.
2. Pelc, Linda (2001). L1 lexical, morphology and morphosyntactic attrition in Greek-English bilinguals
3. August, Gail (2001). The road to second language reading: How do we get there?

4. Kessler, Kathy (2003)
. ERP correlates of word order and morphosyntactic phenomena in adult native speakers and second language learners of English.
5. Gabriele, Alison (2005). The acquisition of aspect in a second language: A bidirectional study of learners of English and Japanese.
6. Szupica-Pyrzanowski, Malgorzata (2009). 
Morphological and phonological contributions to the production of verbal inflection in adult L2 learners and patients with agrammatic aphasia.
7. Chi-Chen Bredeche (2011). The Use of -LE by L1 Chinese Speakers and the Acquisition of -LE in L2 Chinese.
8. Garrison-Fletcher, Leigh (2012). The Acquisition of L2 Reading Comprehension: The Relative Contribution of Linguistic Knowledge and Existing Reading Ability Learners.
9. Bonner, Timothy (2013).  The Influence of “Extra-Syntactic” Factors on Second Language Inflections: A Systematic Study of L2 Inflectional Variability in Mandarin Second Language Learners of English.
10. Chan, Lionel (2013). Heritage Speakers’ Acquisition of Clitic Placement in Standard Italian.
11. Nagano, Marisa (2015).  Interpretation of Overt Pronouns In L1 and L2 Japanese



• Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism
• Seminars in Linguistics: Neurolinguistic Studies of Sentence Processing and Bilingualism
• Research Methods in 2nd Language Acquisition
• Research Methods in Psycholinguistics & Cognitive Linguistics