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The Linguistics program is administered by the Executive Officer, assisted by the Deputy Executive Officer and the Executive Committee, which is composed of elected students and faculty representatives. The Executive Officer and Deputy Executive Officer serve on all the committees in the Program. The Executive Officer serves ex officio and the Deputy Executive Officer is a non-voting member. The Executive Officer chairs all standing committees, except the Admissions and Awards Committee, which is chaired by the Deputy Executive Officer. Membership in all committees is restricted to tenured or tenure-track faculty and matriculated students.

The bylaws of the Linguistics program and Graduate School Governance require at least one yearly meeting/town hall of the Program membership at which the Program committees report on their activities. This meeting/town hall will be at the end of the academic year. In addition, such meetings may be held at any other time at the request of the Executive Officer or the members of the Executive Committee.

Download the Linguistics Program Bylaws (PDF)

2021-2022 Executive Committee and Standing Committee Members

EO and DEO are ex officio members of all committees and EO calls official committee meetings (except for the Student Association)

Executive Committee

Stefanie Reed
Alaa Sharif
Aidan Malanoski
LeeAnn Stover
alternate: Daniela Castillo
alternate: Tysean Bucknor
Kyle Gorman (2yr)
Christine Tortora (2yr)
Juliette Blevins (1yr)
Jason Kandybowicz (F21), Gita Martohardjono (S22)
alternate: Jason Bishop
alternate: Gita Martohardjono (F21), Virginia Valian (S22)

Admissions and Awards Committee

Cass Lowry
Ivana Durovic
Andre Eliatamby
Kelsey Swift
Kyle Gorman
Jon Nisselbaum
Sam Al Khatib
Juliette Blevins

Curriculum and Examinations Committee

Ilaria Porru
Oliva Mignone
Meredith Hilliard
Jason Bishop (F21), Jose Del Valle (S22)
Dan kaufman
Sam Al Khatib
Michael Newman

Faculty Membership Committee

Arudhati Sengupta
Enas Albasiri
Katya Kistanova
Jason Bishop (F21), Matt Garley (Sp22)
Gita Martohardjono
Martin Chodorow

Graduate Council

Pamela Franciotti
alternate: Tysean Bucknor
Sam Al Khatib
alternate: Juliette Blevins

Election Committee

Cameron Gibson
Armando Tapia
Aidan Malanoski
Jason Bishop (F21), Matt Garley (Sp22)
Sam Al Khatib
Jon Nissenbaum

Student Association

Brynne Wilkinson
Tawa Suleman
alternate: Aidan Malanoski