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Path to Degree

Find a sample timeline to degree for the Ph.D. Program in Linguistics below.

Year I

Fall 1- course credits (13 cr)

Introduction to Theoretical Ling. + Practicum (4 cr)
Syntax I + Practicum (4 cr)  
Phonology I + Practicum (4 cr)

PD Workshop on Teaching across the campuses  (1 cr)

Spring 1- Course credits (13 cr)

Semantics I + Practicum (4 cr)
3 Linguistics content courses (9 cr)

PD:  Attend colloquia, Program speaker series, local conferences, SYNC, SQUID, Reading Groups, join labs etc.

Year II

Fall 2- Course credits (12 cr)

1 Linguistics content course (3 cr)
Any 3 courses  (9 cr)

October 15, QP1 Statement of Research Question, core area, and advisors due to EO.

Spring 2- Course credits (12 cr)

QP1 Workshop  (3 cr)
Any 3 courses (9 cr)

January 27, QP1 abstract due

July 1, Final QP1 due

Pass QP1, transfer MA credits, if any
Total credits:  50

Year III

If not yet passed QP1, you must register for WIUs until passing the QP1

Fall 3- Course credits (9) 

Any 3 courses (9 cr)

Preparation for QP2:  Identify QP2 topic, select primary advisor, with primary advisor select other advisory committee members, work on Statement of Objectives, get committee approval of Statement of Objectives, submit to EO five weeks after last day of classes

Spring 3- Course credits (1 cr)   

1 Independent Study courses (1 cr)

PD:  Conference presentations (QP1 or QP2, joint lab work)
Take summer to write QP2

Year IV

Fall 4 - no credits

Defend QP2
Select Dissertation Committee   
Schedule Dissertation Proposal Defense  

PD:  conference presentations, grant-writing skills workshop, prepare publications

Spring 4 - no credits

Proposal Defense
Dissertation Supervision

Prepare job search, look for post-docs

Year V

Fall 5 - no credits

Dissertation Supervision

Spring 5 - no credits 

Dissertation Defense   
PD:  Jobsearch, conference presentations, interviews
Language requirements (2 foreign language proficiency) may be satisfied at any time, but before advancing to Level III