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Ph.D. Alumni


Marisa Nagano (Ph.D. 2016)
"Interpretation of Overt Pronouns in L1 & L2 Japanese: The Role of Context"

Elizabeth Pratt (Ph.D. 2016)
"Is cue-based memory retrieval 'good-enough'?: Agreement, comprehension, and implicit prosody in native and bilingual speakers of English"

Nadav Sabar (Ph.D. 2016)
"A Meaning Hypothesis to Explain Speakers' Choice of the Sign look"

Emily Zane  (Ph.D. 2016)
"On the screen, in the mind: An ERP investigation into the interaction between visuo-spatial information and spatial language during on-line processing"

Chun-Yi Peng (Ph.D. 2016)
"Talk shows and language attitudes: a sociolinguistic investigation of language attitudes towards Taiwan Mandarin among Chinese Mainlanders"

Han-Byul Chung (Ph.D. 2016)
"On the syntax/semantics of Korean nominal particles"


Agustina Carando (Ph.D. 2015)
"The emergence of L1 innovations in Spanish-English bilinguals: Evidence from cross-linguistic structural priming"

Ylana Beller-Marino (Ph.D. 2015)
"Consonantal voicing effects on vowel duration in Italian-English bilinguals"

Li Ma (Ph.D. 2015)
"The encoding of temporality in second language acquisition: A study of Chinese-speaking ESL learners"

Woan Jen-Ling (Ph.D. 2015)
"How to Ask Questions in Mandarin Chinese"

Teresa O’Neill (Ph.D. 2015)
"The domain of Finiteness: anchoring without Tense in copular amalgam sentences"

Alex Funk (Ph.D. 2015)
"A Syntactic Treatment of Adjectival Non-Intersectivity in English"

Frances Blanchette (Ph.D. 2015)
"English Negative Concord, Negative Polarity, and Double Negation"

John Stewart (Ph.D. 2015)
"Learning Functional P"


Adam Faulkner (Ph.D. 2014)
"Automated Classification of Argument Stance in Student Essays: A Linguistically Motivated Approach with an Application for Supporting Argument Summarization"

Taylor Cassidy (Ph.D. 2014)
"Temporal Information Extraction and Knowledge Base Population"

Rebecca Curinga (Ph.D. 2014)
"The effect of morphological awareness on reading comprehension: A study with adolescent Spanish-English emergent bilinguals"

Lionel Chan (Ph.D. 2014)
"Non-standard Italian Dialect Heritage Speakers' Acquisition of Clitic Placement in Standard Italian"

Michela Cresci (Ph.D. 2014)
"The Sound Patterns of Camuno: An Evolutionary Phonology Account"


Lisa Reisig Ferrazzano (Ph.D. 2013)

"Demonstratives in Motion: the Grammaticalization of Demonstratives as a Window into Synchronic Phenomena"
Chair: Christina Tortora

Miho Nagai (Ph.D. 2013)

"An Antisymmetry Account of the Syntactic Positions of Nominal Arguments in Turkish: Implications for Clausal Architecture"
Chair: Marcel den Dikken

Iglika D. Stoyneshka-Raleva (Ph.D. 2013)

"Phoneme Restoration Methods Reveal Prosodic Influences on Syntactic Parsing: Data from Bulgarian"
Chair: Janet Fodor

Rachel Varra (Ph.D. 2013)

"The Social Correlates of Lexical Borrowing in Spanish in New York City"
Chair: Ricardo Otheguy


Alexandra Ioannidou (PhD 2012) | email

"The Syntax of non-verbal Causation: The Causative Apomorphy of ‘from’ in Greek and Germanic Languages"
Committee members: Marcel den Dikken (Chair), Christina Tortora, William McClure

Deirdre Quinn (PhD 2012) | email

"Effects of L1 Spanish and L2 English sublexical and lexical processing on English L2 word reading speed and accuracy, and reading comprehension"
Committee members: Eva Fernandez (Chair), Elaine Klein, and Martin Chodorow

Tomonori Nagano (PhD 2012) | email

"Acquisition of English verb transitivity by native speakers of Japanese"
Committee members: Martin Chodorow (Chair), Gita Martohardjono, and William McClure

Leigh Garrison-Fletcher (PhD 2012) |  email

"The Acquisition of L2 Reading Comprehension: The Relative Contribution of Linguistic Knowledge and Existing Reading Ability"
Committee members: Gita Martohardjono (Chair), Ricardo Otheguy, and Martin Chodorow


Lidiya Tornyova (PhD 2011)

"Input Consistency in the Acquisition of Questions in Bulgarian and English: A Hypothesis Testing Model"
Chair: Virginia Valian

Ronit Webman (PhD 2011)

"Prosody and Parsing in a Double PP Construction in Hebrew"
Chair: Janet Fodor

Chi-Chen Bredeche (PhD 2011) | email

"The Use of LE by L1 Chinese Speakers and the Acquisition of LE by L2 Chinese Learners"
Chair: Gita Martohardjono

Lucia Pozzan (PhD 2011)

"Asking Questions in Learner English: First and Second Language Acquisition of Main and Embedded Interrogative Structures"
Advisor: Virginia Valian

Prior Ph.D. Grads

Mieko Sperbeck (Ph.D. 2010)

The acquisition of consonant clusters by Japanese learners of English: Interactions of speech perception and production.
Advisor: Winifred Strange

Hala Abdelghany (Ph.D. 2010)

Prosodic phrasing and modifier attachment in standard Arabic sentence processing. Advisor: Janet Fodor

Martin Port (Ph.D. 2010)

Omitted Arguments and Complexity of Predication.
Advisor: William McClure

Didem Koban (Ph.D. 2010) | email

Overt vs. Null subject pronoun variation in the Turkish spoken in Turkey and in NYC.
Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

Marisa Monteleone (Ph.D. 2009)

Effects of first language voicing rules on the perception and production of English obstruent sequences by adult Hungarian and Polish learners of English.
Advisor: Winifred Strange

Malgorzata Szupica-Pyrzanowki (PhD 2009)

Morphological and phonological contributions to the production of verbal inflection in adult L2 learners and patients with agrammatic aphasia.
Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

Shukhan Ng (PhD 2009)

Current Affiliation: University of Texas at San Antonio)
Processing Chinese Empty Catagories.
Advisor: Janet Fodor

Amit Shaked (PhD 2009)

Attachment ambiguity in Hebrew complex nominals: Prosody and parsing
Advisor: Janet Fodor

Xuan-Nga Cao (previously Cao-Kam) (PhD 2009) | email

Contributions of Statistical Induction To Models of Syntax Acquisition.
Advisor: Janet Fodor

Erika Troseth (PhD 2009)

Adicity and Reference: Middle voice and its components.
Advisor: Robert Fiengo

Mamori (Sugita) Hughes (PhD 2009)

Japanese -te iru and -te aru : The aspectual implications of the stage-level and individual-level distinction.
Advisor: William McClure

Yukiko Koizumi (PhD 2009)

Processing the Not-Because Ambiguity in English: The Role of Pragmatics and Prosody.
Advisor: Janet Fodor

Gabriella Morvay (PhD 2009)

The Processing of Complex Syntax and its Relation to Second Language Reading Comprehension.
Advisor: Elaine Klein

Kaori Furuya (PhD 2009)

The DP Hypothesis Through the Lens of Japanese Nominal Collocation Constructions.
Advisor: Marcel den Dikken

Fran Gulinello (PhD 2009)

The Acquisition of an L2 Vowel system: A Longitudinal Investigation.
Advisor: Charles Cairns

Stephanie Solt (PhD 2009) Website | Email

current affiliation: ZAS Berlin
The semantics of adjectives of quantity.
Advisor: William McClure

Neisha (White) Ziehmke (PhD 2008)

Increasing efficacy in academic English instruction: A case study seeking the correct balance between contrastive analysis focus on form and sociolinguistic awareness raising.
Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

Rachel Szekely (PhD 2008)

current affiliation: Long Island University
A second route to truth: feature-placing, existence, and the interpretation of there-sentences.
Advisor: Robert Fiengo

Jed Shahar (PhD 2008)

current affiliation: Queensborough Community College
What some its are: Non-referential it, extraposition, and copies.
Advisor: Marcel den Dikken

Mari Fujimoto (PhD 2008)

current affiliation: Hofstra University and Queens College
L1 acquisition of Japanese particles: A corpus-based study
Advisor: William McClure

Eric Stenshoel (PhD 2008)

The Theta Parameter: Syntax Under a Radical UTAH.
Advisor: Marcel den Dikken

Tomoyuki Yabe (PhD 2007)

current affiliation: Queens College
The morpho-syntax of complex verbal expressions in the Horn of Africa
Advisor: Marcel den Dikken

Tanya Viger (PhD 2007)

Fundamental frequency in Mandarin Chinese an English: Implications for second-language speakers
Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

Ronald Simon (PhD 2007) | email

current affiliation: Labor & Industry for Education
A Platonic conception of language
Advisor: Robert Fiengo

Michael Horwitz (PhD 2007)

Genetic and areal stability of phrasal word order and its potential as a typological marker
Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

Eulalia Canals (PhD 2007)

The acquisition of tense and aspect by Moroccan learners of L2 Catalan and Spanish in Barcelona public schools
Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy
Current Affiliation: Postdoctoral Researcher, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Department of Language Didactics in the Faculty of Education. Member of GREIP research group

Naomi Lapidus Shin (PhD 2006) | email

The development of null vs. overt subject pronoun expression in monolingual Spanish-speaking children: The influence of continuity of reference
Advisor: Helen Smith Cairns
Current affiliation: Assistant Professor of Spanish & Linguistics, Dept. of Linguistics and Dept. of Spanish/Portuguese. The University of New Mexico.  Albuquerque, NM 87131

Mary Sepp (PhD 2006) | email

Phonological constraints and free variation in compounding: A corpus study of English and Estonian noun compounds
Advisor: Martin Chodorow

Alison Gabriele (PhD 2005) | email

current affiliation: University of Kansas
The acquisition of aspect in a second language: A bidirectional study of learners of English and Japanese
Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

Peter Slomanson (PhD 2005) | email

current affiliation: Aarhus Universitet, Denmark
The verbal morphosyntax of non-canonical contact languages: Malay-derived constraints and the inflectional domain in Afrikaans and Sri Lankan Malay
Advisor: Edward Bendix

Miki Suzuki (PhD 2005) | email

current affiliation: Microsoft
Clause stacking and antisymmetry in Japanese relative clauses
Advisor: Robert Fiengo

Gerald Dempsey (PhD 2004)

Glottal effects in Icelandic phonology
Advisor: Charles E Cairns

Eiji Nishimoto (PhD 2004)

A corpus-based delimitation of new words: Cross-segment comparison and morphological productivity
Advisor: Dianne Bradley

Ruth Reeves (PhD 2004)

current affiliation: Vanderbilt University
The meanings of personal pronouns: de se interpretation of long-distance anaphora in Icelandic and other languages
Advisor: William McClure

Maurizio Santoro (PhD 2004)

Mastery of Italian accusative and dative clitics by English speaking college students
Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

Nora Ellen Aion (PhD 2003)

Selected topics in Nootka and Tubatulabal phonology
Advisor: Charles E Cairns

Daniel Chapuis (PhD 2003)

On the role of Malagasy in the creation of the vernaculars of reunion
Advisor: Edward Bendix

Antonino Gulli (PhD 2003)

current affiliation: Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
Phrasal Reduplication in Syntax
Advisors: Marcel den Dikken and Richard Kayne

Kathy Kessler (PhD 2003)

ERP correlates of word order and morphosyntactic phenomena in adult native speakers and second language learners of English
Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

Mana Kobuchi-Philip (PhD 2003) | email

current affiliation: Queens College, CUNY
Distributivity and the Japanese Floating Numeral Quantifier
Advisor: Robert Fiengo

Nenad Lovric (PhD 2003)

Implicit prosody in silent readings: Relative clause attachment in Croatian
Advisor: Janet Dean Fodor

Keiko Uehara (PhD 2003)

current affiliation: Gunma University
Center-embedding and nominative repetition in Japanese sentence processing
Advisor: Dianne Bradley

Maria Vicenta Blasco Aznar (PhD 2002)

On the acquisition of object pronominal clitics in Spanish
Advisor: Janet Dean Fodor

Nydia Flores (PhD 2002)

Subject personal pronouns in Spanish narratives of Puerto Ricans in New York City: A variationist study
Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

Gail August (PhD 2001)

current affiliation: Hostos Community College
The road to second language reading: How do we get there?
Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

Dwijen Bhattacharjya (PhD 2001)

The genesis and development of Nagamese: Its social history and linguistic structure
Advisor: Edward Bendix

Linda A. Pelc (PhD 2001)

current affiliation: LaGuardia Community College
L1 lexical, morphology and morphosyntactic attrition in Greek-English bilinguals
Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

Ivy Sichel (PhD 2001) | email | website

currrent affiliation: Hebrew University
Studies in the syntax of pronouns and features with particular reference to Hebrew
Advisor: Marcel den Dikken

Stephanie Smolinsky (PhD 2001)

Brilliance, energy and size in vowels: A cross-linguistic study of phonetic symbolism
Advisor: Edward Bendix

Nancy Stern (PhD 2001) | email | website

current affiliation: City College of New York, CUNY
The meaning and use of English -self pronouns
Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

Eva Fernandez (PhD 2000) | email

current affiliation: Queens College/CUNY Graduate Center
Bilingual sentence processing: Relative clause attachment in English and Spanish
Advisor: Dianne Bradley

Christina Mary de Kleine (PhD 1999)

A morphosyntactic analysis of Surinamese Dutch as spoken by the Creole population of Paramaribo, Suriname
Advisor: William Stewart

Janine Graziano-King (PhD 1999)

Current affiliation: Kingsborough Community College
Acquisition of comparative forms in English
Advisor: Helen S Cairns

Yuki Hirose (PhD 1999)

current affiliation: Tokyo University
Resolving reanalysis ambiguity in Japanese relative clauses
Advisor: Janet Dean Fodor

Robert Hollander (PhD 1999)

MIGHT: Evidence and argument from negation and conjunction for an epistemic modality and its logical structure
Advisor: Edward Bendix

Stanley Koike (PhD 1999)

A Monosemy approach to the Japanese particle no: Functional categories as linkers and antisymmetry in natural language
Advisor: William McClure

Barbara Bevington (PhD 1998)

Indexical expressions: Syntax and context
Advisor: Robert Fiengo

Gerardo A Lorenzino (PhD 1998)

The Angolar Creole Portuguese of Sao Tome: Its grammar and sociolinguistic history
Advisor: John Holm

Jose Antonio Mendez (PhD 1998)

Stress and glides in Spanish syllable structure
Advisor: William Stewart

Albert W Romano (PhD 1998)

Gender and language: A Goodwin look at Lakoff
Advisor: Charles E Cairns

Francisco Ordonez (PhD 1997)

current affiliation: SUNY Stony Brook
Word order and clause structure in Spanish and other Romance languages
Advisor: Richard Kayne

Jiaye Xie (PhD 1997)

Processing NP-trace and reflexives in Chinese
Advisor: Janet Dean Fodor

Marianne Janko Washburn (PhD 1998)

Non-primary language acquisition of word order in German
Eleanor Olds Batchelder (PhD 1997)

Computational evidence for the use of frequency information in discovery of the infant's first lexicon

Heliana Ribeiro De Mello (PhD 1997)

The genesis and development of Brazilian vernacular Portuguese

Iris Elisha (PhD 1997)

Functional categories and null subjects in Hebrew and child Hebrew

Rhoda Gilbert (PhD 1997)

Integrating the methods and strategies of conversational analysis

Katherine Reese Green (PhD 1997)

Non-standard Dominican Spanish : evidence of partial restructuring

Ingeborg Lasser (PhD 1997)

Finiteness in adult and child German

Francisco Ordonez (PhD 1997)

current affiliation: SUNY Stony Brook
Word order and clause structure in Spanish and other Romance languages

Irina A. Sekerina (PhD 1997)

current affiliation: College of Staten Island/CUNY Graduate Center
The syntax and processing of scrambling constructions in Russian

Marcia Babbitt (PhD 1996)

Lexical acquisition in second language learning

Carol Montgomery (PhD 1996)

Conversation closings : the effects of gender, ethnicity and social proximity

Rosalie Schwartz (PhD 1996)

Discourse dynamics of discriminatory practices in a job training situation

Sheila Meltzer (PhD 1995)

Modularity : evidence from coreference processing in Spanish

Sharon L Utakis (PhD 1995)

Quantification and definiteness in child grammar

Nina Wacholder (PhD 1995)

Acquiring syntactic generalizations from positive evidence : an HPSG model

Joyce Blanchette Milambiling (PhD 1994) | email

current affiliation: University of Northern Iowa
On the same floor: a sociolinguistic study of a two-way bilingual program
Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

Deborah Mandelbaum (PhD 1994)

Syntactic conditions on saturation

Shiwen Pan (PhD 1994)

A sociolinguistic study of Mainland Putonghua and Taiwan Guoyu in New York City

Nava Ayala Shaked (PhD 1994)

The treatment of phrasal verbs in a natural language processing system

Judy B Bernstein (PhD 1993)

current affiliation: William Patterson University
Topics in the syntax of nominal structure across romance

Jill Caryn Burstein (PhD 1992) | email | website

current affiliation: ETS
The stress and syntax of compound nominals
Advisors: Bob Fiengo, Martin Chodorow, Richard Sproat

Clyde Coreil (PhD 1992)

Fusion in language : a case for supralexical unit

Luisa C Garro (PhD 1992)

Lexical access in bilinguals : the case of English-based Spanish calques

Arhonto Terzi (PhD 1992)

Pro in finite clauses : a study of the inflectional heads of the Balkan languages

M. Sorie Yillah (PhD 1992)

Temne phonology and morphology

Akua Duku Anokye (PhD 1991) email

current affiliation: Arizona State University, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Linguistic form and social function : a discourse analysis of rhetorical and narrative structure in oral and written African American folk narrative texts
Advisor: William Stewart

Kristine Cecilie Gjerlow-Johnson (PhD 1991)

Metalinguistic abilities in literate adults

Tsutomu Sakamoto (PhD 1991)

Processing empty subjects in Japanese : implications for the transparency hypothesis

Ken Sheppard (PhD 1991)

At sea in SLA : evidence of UG in the acquisition of French and English verbs

Elaine C Klein (PhD 1990)

current affiliation: Queens College/ CUNY Graduate Center
The null-prep phenomenon in second language acquisition

Claudia Leacock (PhD 1990)

current affiliation: ETS
Lexically based parsing with application to infinitival control constructions in English

David Man (PhD 1990)

The function of perception in the acquisition of non-native inflectional morphology : the case of the past in English

Thomas L Maxfield (PhD 1990)

On the learnability of a version of generalized phrase structure grammar

Walter Petrovitz (PhD 1990)

Argument opacity

Susan Jagendorf - Sobierajski (PhD 1988)

The Influence of English on Contact Spanish: Preverbal Bare Subjects
Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

Cindy Greenberg (PhD 1987) | email

Metalinguistic Awareness and Adult Literacy.
Advisor: Charles Cairns

Dana McDaniel (PhD 1986)

Conditions on Wh-Chains
Advisor: Robert Fiengo

Wayne Cowart (PhD 1983)

Reference relations and syntactic processing : evidence of a pronoun's influence on a syntactic decision that affects word naming

Walter T French (PhD 1983)

Northern Naga : a Tibeto-Burman mesolanguage

Nina M Hyams (PhD 1983)

The acquisition of parameterized grammars

Martin R Gitterman (PhD 1982)

Grammatical complexity as a predictor of L2 performance

Martin S Harris (PhD 1982)

The role of sentence context in the perception and production of internal open juncture

John Klosek (PhD 1982)

Second language communication strategies and grammatical accuracy

Olga Romero (PhD 1982)

Aspects of code-switching in bilingual children

Robert Lee Silvey (PhD 1982)

Language, politics, and The Federalist : a linguistic approach to interpretation

Penny Willis (PhD 1982)

The initial consonant mutations in the Brythonic Celtic languages

Evelyn P Altenberg (PhD 1981)

Bilingual lexical retrieval

Edwin L Battistella (PhD 1981)

Topics in the theory of inflection
Advisor: Bob Fiengo

W. Neil Elliott (PhD 1981)

Grammatical number

Jennifer Ryan Hsu (PhD 1981)

The development of structural principles related to complement subject interpretation

Carolyn Panzer Sobel (PhD 1981)

A generative phonology of Danish

Elsa Lattey (PhD 1980)

Grammatical systems across languages : a study of participation in English, German and Spanish

Ellen Perecman (PhD 1980)

Language realization in phonemic jargonaphasia : a case study

Miriam R Eisenstein (PhD 1979)

current affiliation: New York University
The development of dialect discrimination and stereotyping in adult learners of English as a second language
Advisor: D. Terence Langendoen

Steven L Strauss (PhD 1979)

Some principles of word structure in English and German

Anita Janda (PhD 1978)

The linguistic analysis of the honey bee's dance language

Geoffrey Nunberg (PhD 1977)

The pragmatics of reference

John S Ritter (PhD 1978)

The status of Chomsky's theory of transformational generative grammar as a mentalist theory of language

Alan L Tusher (PhD 1978)

The utilization of silent pauses in spontaneous speech by the listener

Mark H Feinstein (PhD 1977)

The linguistic nature of prenasalization

Ricardo Otheguy (PhD 1977) | email

current affiliation: CUNY Graduate Center
The meaning of Spanish el, la and lo

Ruth Marion Graeme Ramsay (PhD 1977)

Multilinguals and successful language learners : cognitive strategies and styles of approach to language learning in adults

Ben Schapiro (PhD 1977)

English appositive structures and right movement

Rochele Berkovits (PhD 1975)

The interaction of bias, context, and intonation in the perception of surface structure ambiguity

Georgette Ioup (PhD 1975)

The treatment of quantifier scope in a transformational grammar

Zafrira Malisdorf (PhD 1975)

Sentential complements in Hebrew

John Dore (PhD 1973)

The development of speech acts

Nancy Kalish-Landon (PhD 1973) | email | website

Professional's title as a demand characteristic : a potential methodological confound in language research

Martin David Pam (PhD 1973)

Tigrinya phonology

Ernestine R Daniels (PhD 1972)

The old French case system : a functional study

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