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Professional Development Series

The Professional Development Series focuses on a variety of skills needed to have a successful career in Linguistics. Guest speakers – faculty, students, or non-academics – will be invited to provide expertise on both practical and theoretical matters.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Written Materials sessions (e.g. how to create a CV; writing research statements; cover letters; conference abstracts; paper writing skills), Linguistics Research Methods sessions (introductions to empirical methods that can be used in linguistics and psycholinguistics studies - meant for students already interested in a certain methodology, but especially also as in order to give all students a basic grasp on research methods used in the field and potentials for their (future) careers), Technical Skills sessions (e.g. discussions of statistical methods and programs; database and other analyses software), General Career sessions (e.g. preparing for the (academic) job market; how to make the most out of conferences and conference presentations; research ethics and the IRB; issues of diversity and inclusivity in careers; how to find good mentors and advisors). Students are invited to suggest specific topics and speakers for future sessions.

The Professional Development meetings are held on select Fridays from 2-4 p.m. and always include time for questions and discussion. Students are encouraged to bring their own materials to relevant lectures for direct feedback.

Contact Dr. Suzanne van der Feest for more information.