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Faculty Book: Irina A. Sekerina

Irina A. Sekerina, Eva M. Fernández, and Harald Clahsen, eds.

Developmental Linguistics: On-Line Methods in Children’s Language Processing
(John Benjamins, 2008)

How do infants and young children coordinate information from the words and structure of a sentence and from the nonlinguistic context to arrive at sentence meaning? This volume introduces readers to an emerging field of research, experimental developmental psycholinguistics, and to the four predominant methodologies used to study on-line language processing in children. The chapters cover event-related brain potentials, free-viewing eyetracking, looking-while-listening, and reaction-time techniques, and also provide a historical backdrop for this line of research. Multiple aspects of experimental design, data collection, and data analysis are addressed in detail, alongside surveys of recent important findings about how infants and children process sounds, words, and sentences. Irina Sekerina (Assoc. Prof., Staten Island) is on the doctoral faculty in linguistics and psychology.

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Submitted on: JAN 9, 2008

Category: Faculty Books | Linguistics