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Student Resources

Student Emergency Grants
With the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that students are facing new, unexpected expenses and financial needs. The Graduate Center has established a set of quick-response funds (in amounts of up to $2,000) to support students who are facing short-term financial emergencies.

Student Life (

Here you will find information on life for our students at the Graduate Center. 
In Resources, you'll find a GC Offices guide and a variety of information from the Student Affairs Office, including Human Subjects Approval, Dossier Services, and the Professional Development Series. 
You may also be interested in the HousingEmploymentNews, and Student Activities sections.

The Graduate Center’s Wellness Center offers Workshops and Supportive Spaces,  Student Counseling Services, Mental Health Referrals, and Academic Support Services to all registered students.  

The Writing Center assists current and past graduate students in the cultivation of writerly skills and habits through individual consultationsworkshops, and other programming. As one of the few writing centers in the country that specifically serves the needs of graduate students, they make it their mission to ask and answer the question of what services a graduate writing center could and should offer. ‚Äč

The Graduate Center is committed to promoting diversity and works to ensure our students and faculty reflect the varied demographics of New York City. Please see the GC’s Diversity and Inclusion page here.

Professional Development

Professional Development Event Series

The Professional Development Series of the M.A. and Ph.D. Program in Linguistics offers demonstrations of empirical methods that can be used to explore issues of practical and theoretical interest in linguistics and psycholinguistics. Learn more »

The Graduate Center offers enrolled doctoral and masters students a range of professional development courses designed to help them in their careers and professional activities. These courses do not carry credit, are ungraded, are “free”, and do not appear on the student's transcript.  Students register for them as they do their academic classes and can find them listed under "Professional Development" in the course schedule. 

Here's a sample of regularly offered courses:

PDEV 79400 Advanced Spoken English: Teaching and Presentation Skills
PDEV 79401 Teaching Strategies
PDEV 79403 Effective Academic Writing for native English speakers
PDEV 79403 Effective Academic Writing for non-native English speakers
PDEV 81690 Colloquium on College Teaching

Go to Professional Development Courses ( for more information.

Curricular Practical Training


The Program supports Curricular Practical Training (CPT) activities directly benefitting the student’s academic career.  CPT activities include, but are not limited to: teaching, internship, independent research, independent study course, required course of study, thesis supervision course, etc.  Note that the Program does not require registration for some academic activities. 

Reading and Study Groups

Reading Groups

Reading groups are informal groups organized by program students and faculty. Please contact the group organizers below if you would like to participate.

Bilingualism Reading Group
Currently on hiatus; additional details TBA.

Computational Linguistics Reading Group
Contact: Kyle Gorman

Endangered Language Reading Group
Contact: Olivia Mignone

Semantics Reading Group
Contact: Sam Alxatib

Sociolinguistics Reading group
Contact Aidan Malanoski

Syntax Reading Group
Contact Amal Aissaoui

Funding Opportunities for Current Doctoral Students

Cairns Student Travel Award

In 2003, the Cairns Family Foundation established the Stewart Scott Cairns Linguistic Symposia Fund by redirecting an endowment created in 1998.  At the request of Charles Cairns, Professor Emeritus and former Executive Officer of Linguistics Program, the interest earned on the Stewart Scott Cairns Linguistic Symposia Fund will be placed in a new fund called the Cairns Student Travel Award.

This award is to assist students in the Ph.D. and M.A. Programs in Linguistics in their professional development by means of participating in academic conferences. The fund is to partially defray expenses for eligible students attending and participating in such conferences.  Awards are distributed twice per academic year: at the end of Spring semester for conferences taking place from January to May, and at the end of Fall semester for conferences taking place from August to December. 


Nishi Bissoondial

Assistant Program Officer/Academic Coordinator
Graduate Center
Room 7407

Phone 212-817-8513

Additional Funding Opportunities

The Graduate Center Offers a variety of financial awards, scholarships, grants, and employment opportunities to help current doctoral students finance their education and research.

Learn more about funding opportunities for current doctoral students »