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Enas Albasiri | email | website
Research interests: Psycholinguistics, Sentence Processing, NLP, Syntax-Prosody Interface, Arabic Syntax, Bilingualism

Daniel Barry | email | website
Research Interests: Historical linguistics, contact linguistics, phonology, phonemic inventories.

Camilo Andrés Bonilla Carvajal | email | website
Research Interest(s): Psycholinguistics, Lexical retrieval in speech production, tDCS, Accelerated second language acquisition, Language policy and planning, Sociolinguistics, Discourse analysis

Daniela Castillo | email
Research interest(s): Bilingualism, Psycholinguistics,  morphosyntax of code-switching, and speech perception 

AndrĂ© Eliatamby |emailwebsite
Research interest(s): Semantics/Pragmatics Interface,Inferential Meaning, First Language Acquisition

Carolina Fraga | emailwebsite
Research Interest(s): Syntax, comparative syntax, morphology

Pamela Franciotti | email
Research Interest(s): Second Language Acquisition and Processing, Psycholinguistics, Theoretical and Experimental Syntax

Cameron Gibson | email | website
Research interests: Grammar Induction, Information Extraction, Narrative Analysis, Corpus Linguistics, Syntax, Language & Speech Processing, Sociolinguistics, Authorship Analysis, Ethics & Bias in NLP

Hector Alvarez Gonzalez | email
Research Interest: computational linguistics, phonology, and conversation analysis

Darlene Intlekofer | email | email2 | webpage 
Research Interest(s): phonetics; laboratory phonology; prosody; Austronesian languages, particularly Tagalog

Cass Lowry | email | website
Research Interest(s): Morphosyntax, Semantics, Heritage Languages, Bilingualism, Georgian, Turkish, Psycholinguistics

Xiaomeng Ma | email | website
Research Interest(s):  syntax, language acquisition, computational linguistics

Aidan Malanoski | email | website
Research interests: sociolinguistics, music, identity, multilingualism, language ideology, computational linguistics, and syntax

Andrew McCormick | email
Research Interest(s):Sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, functional linguistics, pragmatics

Naparat Meechanyakul | email
Research interests: Second Language Acquisition, Syntax, Experimental Syntax, Psycholinguistics

Olivia Mignone | email | website
Research interests: Endangered Language Documentation, Revitalization, and Research Ethics,Phonology, Historical Linguistics, Japanese, Ainu

Sejin Oh | email | website
Research Interest(s): Articulatory phonetics, Laboratory phonology, Second language acquisition, and Prosody

William Oliver | email
Research interests: syntax, morphology, semantics, and second language acquisition

Ilaria Porru | email | website
Research interests: bilingualism, sociolinguistics, language contact, phonology, endangered languages

Arundhati Sengupta | email
Research Interests: Computational Linguistics, Speech Processing, Prosody

Alaa Sharif | email
Research Interests: Semantics of Natural Language, Syntactic-Semantic Interface, Arabic, Sign Language

LeeAnn Stover | email |website
Research Interests: Bilingual processing, heritage languages, morphosyntax, psycholinguistics

Matthew Glenn Stuck | email
Research Interests: Sociophonetics, Language Variation and Change, SLA, and bilingualism

Kelsey Swift | email
Research Interests: sociolinguistics, adult second language acquisition, multilingualism, applied linguistics

Purnima Thakur | email

Clarisse Taboy | email
Research Interests: Computational linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Forensic Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics

Natalia Tyulina | email
Research Interests: Computational Linguistics, Semantics, Logic, Morphosyntax

Rachel Shanblatt Bloch | email
Research Interests: Sociolinguistics, Computational Linguistics, Conversation Design & Analysis