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Daniel Berlyne                                     Advisor: Behrstock, J. 
Hierarchical hyperbolicity of graph products and graph braid groups

Matthew Cushman                               Advisor: Wilson, Scott
A Geometric Model for Real and Complex Differential K-theory

Xinlong Dong                                       Advisor: Saric, Dragomir
Differentiability of The Liouville Map via Geodesic Currents

Samuel Hosmer                                    Advisor: Fernandez, Luis
Clifford Harmonics

Jeffrey Kroll                                          Advisor: Zeinalian, Mahmoud
Representing the Deriv esenting the Derivative of Trace of Holonomy ace of Holonomy

Christopher Natoli                               Advisor: Kharlampovich, O
Some Model Theory of Free Groups


John Adamski                                    Advisor:  Jiang, Y.
Symmetric Rigidity for Circle Endomorphisms with Bounded Geometry and Their Dual Maps

John Basias                                      Advisor:  Kolyvagin, V.
On the Divisor Class Group and Special Units of Multiquadratic Real Fields

Tai-Danae Bradley                             Advisor: Terilla, J. 
At the Interface of Algebra and Statistics

Qian Chen​                                          Advisor: Wilson, S.
Spectral Sequences for Almost Complex Manifolds

Kaare Gjaldbaek                                Advisor:  Nathanson, M.
Quadratic Packing Polynomials on Sectors of R2 

Bin Guan                                            Advisor: Feigon, B. 
Averages and Nonvanishing of Central Values of Triple Product L-Functions via the Relative Trace Formula

Laura Lopez Cruz                             Advisor: Kharlampovich,O.
Model Theory of Groups and Monoids

Qi Luan                                              Advisor: Pan, V.
Matrix Low Rank Approximation at Sublinear Cost

Blanca Marmolejo                             Advisor: Basmajian, A. 
Growth of Conjugacy Classes of Reciprocal Words in Triangle Groups

Jacob Russell                                   Advisor: Behrstock, J. 
Convexity and Curvature in Hierarchically Hyperbolic Spaces

Alexander Stas                                  Advisor: Champanerkar, A.
Translation Distance and Fibered 3-Manifolds

Corey Switzer                                    Advisor: Fuchs, G.
Alternative Cichoń Diagrams and Forcing Axioms Compatible with CH

Gennady Yassiyevich                        Advisor: Chinta, G.
Arithmetic of Binary Cubic Forms

Yizhong Zheng                                   Advisor: Santoro, B.
Uniform Lipschitz Continuity of the Isoperimetric Profile of Compact Surfaces Under Normalized Ricci Flow,


Fikreab Admasu                                 Advisor:  Chinta, G.
Zeta Functions of Classical Groups and Class Two Nilpotent Groups

Omar Chakhtoun                              Advisor: Korsygina, E
One- Dimensional Excited Random Walk With Unboundely Many Excitations Per Site

Alice Kwon                                       Advisor:  Champanerkar, A.
Geometric Properties of Closed Three Manifolds and Hyperbolic Links

Simon Heller                                     Advisor: Dolich, A. 
Modest Automorphisms of Presburger Arithmetic 

Santanu Nandi                                Advisor: Keen, L.
Dynamics of the Family lambda tan z^2 

Mengxiao Sun                               Advisor: Ovchinnikov, A.
On the Complexity of Computing Galois Groups of Differential Equations 

Peter Thompson                           Advisor: Ovchinnikov, A.
A Differential Algebra Approach to Commuting Polynomial Vector Fields and to Parameter Identifiability in ODE Models 

An Hoa (Lawrence) Vu                 Advisor:  Klosin, K.
 Hermitian Maass lift for General Level


Bora Ferlengez                            Advisor: Sullivan, D
Rational Homotopy of the Space of Almost Complex Structures on a Manifold

Michael Kumaresan                     Advisor: Vukadinovic, J.
The Advection-Diffusion Equation and the Enhanced Dissipation Effect for Flows Generated by Hamiltonians

Ivan Levcovitz                              Advisor:  Behrstock, J.
Divergence of CAT(0) Cube Complexes and Coxeter Groups

Jae Min Lee                                  Advisor: Preston,S.
Geometry and Analysis of some Euler-Arnold Equations

Tianyi Mao                                  Advisor: Chinta,G.
The Distribution of Totally Positive Integers in Totally Real Number Fields

Zachery McGuirk                       Advisor: Nathanson, M. 
On Some Geometry of Graphs
Todd Stambaugh                       Advisor: Parikh, R.
Coincidence of Bargaining Solutions and Rationalizability in Epistemic Games

Edger Sterjo                              Advisor: Lucia, M.
Infinitely Many Solutions to Asymmetric, Polyharmonic Dirichlet Problems

Kameryn Williams                      Advisor: Hamkins, J.
The Structure of Models of Second-order Set Theories

Athar Abdul-Quader                  Advisor: Kossak, R.
Interstructure Lattices and Types of Peano Arithmetic

George Basilio                          Advisor: Sormani, C.
Manifold Convergence: Sewing Sequences of Riemannian Manifolds with Positive or Nonnegative Scalar Curvature

Nishan Chatterjee                    Advisor: Jiang, Y. & Mitra, S. 
Some Metric Properties of the Teichmüller Space of a Closed Set in the Riemann Sphere

Chaya Flint                               Advisor: Champanerkar, A.
Intercusp Geodesics and Cusp Shapes of Fully Augmented Links

Joseph Gunther                       Advisor: Szpiro, L.
Counting Rational Points, Integral Points, Fields, and Hypersurfaces

Richard Gustavson                 Advisor:  Ovchinnikov, A.
Elimination for Systems of Algebraic Differential Equations

Miha Habic                              Advisor: Hamkins, J.
Joint Laver Diamonds and Grounded Forcing Axioms

Seungwon Kim                      Advisor:  Kofman, I.
Turaev Surfaces and Toroidally Alternating Knots

Aradhana Kumari                 Advisor: Sullivan, D.
A Partial Nonlinear Extension of Lax-Richtmyer Approximation Theory

Karl Levy                             Advisor: O'Bryant, K.
Some Results in Combinatorial Number Theory

Kaethe Minden                     Advisor: Fuchs, G.
On Subcomplete Forcing

Ryan Ronan                        Advisor: Gamburd, A.
Asymptotic Counting Formulas for Markoff-Hurwitz Tuples

David Seff                           Advisor: O'Bryant, K.
Diophantine Approximation and The Atypical Numbers of Nathanson and O'Bryant

Gabriel Zapata                  Advisor: Shpilrain, V.
Rewriting Methods in Groups with Applications to Cryptography

Liang Zhao                        Advisor: Pan, V.
Fast Algorithms on Random Matrices and Structured Matrices

Jorge Florez                      Advisor: Kolyvagin, V.
Explicit Reciprocity Laws for Higher Local Fields
Cihan Karabulut               Advisor: Chinta, G.
On Sums of Binary Hermitian Forms
Won Geum Kim                Advisor: Chinta, G.
On the Free and G-Saturated Weight Monoids of Smooth Affine Spherical Varieties for G = SL(n)

Joseph Kramer-Miller     Advisor: Klosin, K.
P-adic L-Functions and the Geometry of Hida Families
Cheyne Miller                   Advisor: Tradler, T.
On the Derivative of 2-Holonomy for a Non-Abelian Gerbe

Byung Do Park                  Advisor: Zeinalian, M.
A Geometric Model of Twisted Differential K-Theory

Joseph Quinn                   Advisor: Champanerkar, A.
Quaternion Algebras and Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
Bianca Sosnovski             Advisor: Shpilrain, V.
Cayley Graphs of Semigroups and Applications to Hashing
Nicolas Spizzirri               Advisor: Schaefer, T.
A Method for Averaging Out the Faster Scale Phenomena in Advection-Diffusion Equations
Elizabeth Vidaurre           Advisor: Bendersky, M.
Cohomology of Certain Polyhedral Product Spaces
Tian An Wong                   Advisor: Moreno, C.
Explicit Formulae and Trace Formulae

Heng Yang                        Advisor: Hadjiliadis, O.
Stochastic Processes and Their Applications to Change Point Detection Problems
Chris Arettines                  Advisor: Basmajian, A.
On the Relationships between Intersection Angles of Geodesics and Hyperbolic Metrics on Surfaces
David Blair                         Advisor: Nathanson, M.
Simultaneous Sum-Product Estimates
Lisa Bromberg                  Advisor: Shpilrain, V.
Some Applications of Noncommutative Groups and Semigroups to Information Security
Erin Carmody                    Advisor: Hamkins, J.
Force to Change Large Cardinal Strength
Bren Cavallo                      Advisor: Kahrobaei, D.
Algorithmic Properties of Poly-Z Groups and Secret Sharing Using Non-Commutative Groups
Aron Fischer                      Advisor: Bendersky, M.
Massey Products in String Topology
Maxime Fortier Bourque      Advisor: Kahn, J.
The Holomorphic Couch Theorem
Ivan Retamoso                     Advisor: Pan, V.
On Polynomial Roots Approximation via Dominant Eigenspaces and Isolation of Real Roots
Manuel Rivera                     Advisor: Sullivan, D.
On String Topology Operations and Algebraic Structures on Hochschild Complexes
Sandra Sze                           Advisor: Kolyvagin, V.
Explicit Solutions of Imaginary Quadratic Norm Equations
Alexander Taam                  Advisor: Kharlampovich, O.
Equations over Hyperbolic Groups
Lloyd West                          Advisor: Szpiro, L.
Moduli Spaces in Arithmetic Dynamics
Jesse Wolf                          Advisor: Pan, V.
New Results on Randomized Matrix Computations
Hengyu Zhou                    Advisor: Huang, Z. & Jiang, Y.
Some Bernstein Type Results of Graphical Self-Shrinkers with High Codimension in Euclidean Space
Carlos Arreche Aguayo                 Advisor: Ovchinnikov, A.
An algorithmic approach to the differential Galois theory of second-order linear differential equations with differential parameters

Yunchun Hu                                  Advisor: Jiang, Y.
Maringales for Uniformly Quasisymmetric Circle Endomorphisms
Ran Ji                                            Advisor: Dodziuk, J.
The Asymptotic Dirichlet Problems on Manifolds with Unbounded Negative Curvature
Ha Thanh Lam                              Advisor: Kahrobaei, D.
Exploring Platform (semi)groups for Non-commutative Key-Exchange Protocols
Christopher J Larson                 Advisor: Malkevitch, J.
Some Combinatorial Properties of Polyiamonds
Nikita Miasnikov                          Advisor: Szpiro, L.
Asymptotics Invariants and Flatness of Local Endomorphisms
Satyanand Singh                        Advisor: Nathanson, M.
Special Representations, Nathanson's Lambda Sequences and Explicit Bounds
Andrew Stout                            Advisor: Schoutens, H.
Motivic Integration over Nilpotent Structures
Timothy Susse                        Advisor: Behrstock, J.
Stable Commutator Length in Amalgamated Free Products
Peter Terlecky                          Advisor: Bar-Noy, A. & Malkevitch, J.
Lean, Green, and Lifetime Maximizing Mobile Sensor Deployment on a Barrier

Evangelia Antonakos      Advisor: Artemov, S.
Forms of Explicit Common Knowledge
Anbo Chen                        Advisor: Jordan, B.
Involutions in Arithmetic Geometry
Tao Chen                           Advisor: Jiang, Y.
Geometric Characterization and Dynamics Entire Functions
Subir Dhamoon               Advisor: Rosen, J.
The Differentiability of Renormalized Triple Intersection Local Times
Viveka Erlandsson            Advisor: Basmajian, A.
Margulis Region in Hyperbolic 4-Space
Ozgur Evren                       Advisor: Basmajian, A.
The Length Spectrum Metric on the Teichmuller Space of a Flute Surface
Joseph Hirsh                     Advisor: Terilla, J.
Derived Noncommutative Deformation Theory
Francisco Jiménez López      Advisor: Hu, J.
Length Spectrum Metric an Modified Length Spectrum Metric on Teichmüller Spaces
Sayad Lakzian                   Advisor: Sormani, C.
Smooth Convergence Away from Singular Sets and Intrinsic Flat Continuity of Ricci Flow
Whanki Lee                       Advisor: Kossak, R.
Models Generated by Indiscernibles
Norman Perlmutter        Advisor: Hamkins, J.
Inverse Limits of Models of Set Theory and the Large Cardinal Hierarchy Near a High-Jump Cardinal
Brian Stout                        Advisor: Szpiro, L.
Dynamical Shafarevich Results for Rational Maps
Robert Suzzi Valli             Advisor: Basmajian, A.
Non-Simple Closed Geodesics on 2-Orbifolds
Louis Thrall                        Advisor: Bendersky, M.
Trees, Prisms, and a Quillen Model Structure on Prismatics Sets
Benjamin Baumer           Advisor: A. Bar-Noy
Strip Sensor Cover: Maximizing Network Lifetime on an Interval
Michael Beck                    Advisor: Jiang, Y. & S. Mitra
Normal Families and Monodromies of Holomorphic Motions
Michael Carlisle              Advisor: Rosen, J.              
Late Points of Projections of Planar Symmetric Random Walks on the Lattice Torus
Yimao Chen                       Advisor: Karp, L.
Uniqueness Theorem for Some Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
Brent Cody                        Advisor: Hamkins, J.
Some Results on Large Cardinals and the Continuum Function
Jeanne Funk                      Advisor: Hoobler, R.
The Witt Ring of a Smooth Curve with Good Reduction Over a Local Field
Maggie Habeeb                Advisor: Kahrobaei, D.
Groups, Complexity, Cryptology
Kwang Hyun Kim             Advisor: Kolyvagin, V.
On the Rank of 2-primary Part of Selmer Group of Certain Elliptic Curves
Charalambos Koupparis Advisor: Kahrobaei, D.
Non-commutative Cryptography: Diffie-Hellman an CCA Secure Cryptosystems using Matrices over Groups Rings and Digital Signatures
Charles Li                           Advisor: Schoutens, H.
Dual Graphs and Poincare Series of Valuations
Oleg Muzician                   Advisor: Hu, J.
Conformally natural Extensions of Continuous Circle Maps
Rebecca Steiner               Advisor: Miller, R.
Reducibility, Degree Spectra, and Lowness in Algebraic Structure

Sergei Artamoshin           Advisor: Dodziuk, J.
Geometric Interpretation of the Two-Dimensional Poisson Kernel and Its Application
Terrence Blackman         Advisor: Velling, J.
On the Arithmetic and Geometry of Quaternion Algebras: A spectral correspondence of Mass Waveforms
Peter Gregory                   Advisor: Thompson, R
Divisible Groups in the K-theory Completion of SU(n)
Terence Kivran-Swaine  Advisor: Moreno, C.
The Admissible Dual of SL(2, Q2)
Michael Laufer                 Advisor: Orland, P.
The Geometry of Lattice-Gauge-Orbit Space
Zeljka Ljujic                       Advisor: Nathanson, M.
Problems in Additive Number Theory
Micah Miller                      Advisor: Zeinalian, M.
Algebraic Models for the Free Loop Space and Differential Forms of a Manifold
Dustin Mulcahey             Advisor: Thompson, R
An Unstable Variant of Morava's Change of Rings Theorem for K(n) Theory
Jason Schanker              Advisor: Hamkins, J.
Weakly Measurable Cardinals and Partial Near Supercompactness
Zhe Wang                          Advisor: Jiang, Y.
Holomorphic Motions and Extremal Annuli
Phillip Williams                 Advisor: Szpiro, L.
The Minimal Resultant and the Conducter for Self Maps on the Projective Line
Yelena Baishanski            Advisor: Szpiro, L.
The Geometry of Gauss Composition Law
Anupam Bhatnagar        Advisor: Szpiro, L.
Paramerization of Points of Canonical Height Zero on Projective Varieties
Gabriel Drummond-Cole              Advisor: Terilla, J.
Homotopy Batalin Vilkovisky Algebras, Tivialiizing Circle Actions, and Moduli Space
Chris McCarthay              Advisor: Jiang, Y.
The Hilbert Projective Metric, Multi-Type Branching Processes and Mathematical Biology: A Model of the Evolution of Resistance
Katherine Poirier              Advisor: Sullivan, D.
String Topology and a Compactification of the Moduli Space of Riemann Surfaces
Camilo Sanabria Malagon            Advisor: Churchill, R.
Geometrical Aspects of Linear Differential Equations Over Compact Riemann Surfaces
Hongzhong Zhang           Advisor: Hadjiliadis, O.
Drawdowns, Drawups and Their Applications
Ioannis Farmakis              Advisor: Moskowitz, M.
Cohomological Aspects of Complete Reducibility of Representations
Ross Flek                            Advisor: Keen, L.
On the Dynamics of Quasi-Self-Matings of Generalized Starlike Quadratics and the Structure of the Mated Julia Sets
Shoshana Friedman        Advisor: Apter, A.
Aspects of Super Compactness, HOD and Set Theoretical Geology
Daniel Garbin                    Advisor: Jorgenson, J.
Asymptotics for the Parabolic, Hyperbolic, and Elliptic Eisenstein Series through Hyperbolic and Elliptic Degeneration
Hana Kogan                      Advisor: Marcus, M.
On Critical Points for Gaussian Vectors with Infinitely Divisible Squares
Jonathan Lovell                Advisor: Marcus, M.
Total Variation of Gaussian Processes and Local Times of Associated Levy Processes
Brooke Orosz                    Advisor: Nathanson, M.
Problems in Additive Number Theory
Michael Tepper                Advisor: Szpiro, L.
Endomorphisms of n-Dimensional Projective Space Over Function Fields
Margaret Dean                 Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Finitely Generated Metabelian and Solvable Groups
Youngju Kim                     Advisor: Basmajian, A.
Rigidity and Stability for Isometry Groups in Hyperbolic 4-Space
Michael Munn                  Advisor: Sormani, C.
Volume Growth and the Topology of Manifolds with Nonnegative Ricci Curvature
Marina Nechayeva          Advisor: Randol, B.
Asymptotics of Homogeneously-weighted Lattice Point Counts Inside Dilating domains
Abdramane Serme          Advisor: Pan, V.
On Iterative Refinement/Improvement of the Solution of an Ill Conditioned Linear System-
Radoslaw Wojciechowski             Advisor: Dodziuk, J.
Stochastic Completeness of Graphs
Dong Wook Won             Advisor: Miasnikov, A.
Word Problems on Balanced Semigroups and Groups
Marianna Bonanome     Advisor: Hillery, M.
Quantum Algorithms in Combinatoric Group Theory
Victoria Gitman                Advisor: Hamkins, J.
Applications of the Proper Forcing Axiom to Models of Peano Arithmetic
Thomas Johnstone          Advisor: Hamkins, J.
Strongly Unfoldable Cardinals Made Indestructible
Claire Wladis                     Advisor: Cleary, S.
Metric Properties of Thompson's Groups F(n) and F(n, m)
Shenglan Yuan                 Advisor: Keen, L.
Dynamics of Certain Families of Transcendental Meromorphic Functions
Svetoslav Zahariev          Advisor: Dodziuk, J.
Approximation of Spectra Result for Twisted Laplace Operators
Marcos Zyman                 Advisor: Roitberg, J.
IA-Automorphisms and Localization of Nilpotent Groups
David Allen                        Advisor: Bendersky, M.
On the Homotopy of Toric Spaces with Applications to the Homotopy Groups of Certain Manifolds
Timothy Bocchi                Advisor:Velling, J.
Follations of Hyperbolic Space Using Radial Graphs of Prescribed Mean Curvature
Anthony Clement            Advisor:Baumslag, G.
On the Baumslag-Solitar Groups and Certain Generalized Free Products
Rony Gouraige                 Advisor:Kulkarni, R.
Z-Classes of Elements in Central Simple Algebras
Peter Landesman            Advisor: Churchill, R.
Generalized Differential Galois Theory
Jae Woo Lee                      Advisor: Nathanson, M.
Infinitely Often Dense Bases and Geometric Structure of Sumsets
Gregory Markowsky       Advisor: Rosen, J.
The Derivative of Intersection Local Time of Brownian Motion in R^2
Jonas Reitz                         Advisor: Hamkins, J.
The Ground Axiom
Erez Shochat                     Advisor: Kossak, R.
Countable Short Recursively Saturated Models of Arithmetic
Kourosh Tavakoli             Advisor: Keen, L.
Conformal Geometry of Plane Domains and Holomorphic Iterated Function Systems
James Ulrich                      Advisor: Anshel, M.
Ore Revisited: An Algorithmic Investigation of the Simple Commutator Promise Problem
Serigne Diop                     Advisor: Marcus, M.
Non-Gaussian Models of Financial Markets: Paths Simulation via Series Representation
Toshiaki Jitsukawa          Advisor: Miasnikov, A.
Stallings, Foldings, and Subgroups of Free Groups
Mahdi Majidi-Zolbanin  Advisor: Szpiro, L.
Splitting of Vector Bundles on Punctured Spectrum of Regular Local Rings
Jorge Pineiro                     Advisor: Szpiro, L.
Mahler Formula for Dynamical Systems on P^n
Alexander Ushakov         Advisor: Miasnikov, A.
Fundamental Search Problems in Group Theory
Marc Zucker                      Advisor: Anshel, M.
Studies in Crytological Combinatorics
Martin Brock                     Advisor: Moskowitz, M.
Conjugate Reducibility of Families of Block-Diagonal Matrices Over an Extension Field of a Perfect Field, and Applications to Matrix Subalgebras and Subgroups
Delaram Kahrobaei         Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Residual Solvability, Generalized Free Products, Finitely Generated Nilpotent Groups, Free Groups, and One-relator Groups
Jose La Luz                         Advisor: Bendersky, M.
The Bousfield-Kan Spectral Sequence for Morava K-Theory
George Leibman              Advisor: Hamkins, J.
Consistency Strengths of Modified Maximality Principles
Stephen Majewicz           Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Nilpotent Q[x]-powered Groups and Z[x]-groups
Fereydoun Nouri             Advisor: Sullivan, D.
Graph Homology
Lucio Prado                       Advisor: Feldman, E.
P-Potential Theory on Graphs P-Parabolicity and P-Hyperbolicity
Cristina Suzuki                  Advisor: Feldman, E.
Rough Isometries between Non-Compact Riemannian Manifolds
Aaron Wan                        Advisor: Moreno, C.
The Local Theory of Root Numbers
Hossein Abbaspour        Advisor: Sullivan, D.
On String Topology of 3-Manifold
Elie Feder                           Advisor: Anshel, M.
Algorithmic Problems in the Braid Group
Avraham Goldstein         Advisor: Bendersky, M.
The Homology and the Cohomology Theories of the Connected Algebras
Ariel Halpert                      Advisor: Pach, J.
Thresholds in Random Graphs
Bilal Khan                           Advisor: Miasnikov, A.
The Structure of Automorphic Conjugacy in the Free Group of Rank Two
Alexei Kvaschuk               Advisor: Miasnikov, A.
One-Variable Equations in Torsion -Free Hyperbolic Groups
Denis Serbin                      Advisor: Miasnikov, A.
Infinite Words and Length Functions
Xinmao Wang                   Advisor: Pan, V.
Inversion of Displacement Operators and Structural Matrices
Reza Chamanara              Advisor: Keen, L.
Automorphism of Flat Structures on Surfaces of Infinite Type
Florian Lengyel                 Advisor: Heller, A.
Recursion Categories of Coalgebras
Thomas Tradler                Advisor: Sullivan, D.
Two BV-Structures Identified: The Hochschild Cohomology and the Homology of the Free Loop Space
Gaofei Zhang                    Advisor: Jiang, Y.
Topological Models of Polynomials of Simple Siegel Disk Type
Nikolaos Apostolakis      Advisor: Sullivan, D.
On Moves Between Branched Coverings of 3-Manifolds
Igor Balsim                        Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
Power Radiation by a Scattered Plane Wave
Hulya Cebecioglu             Advisor: Pan, V.
Newton's Iteration for Matrix Computation
Jerry Ianni                          Advisor: Hoobler, R.
Computing Normalizations Using Newton Polygons
Nam Jong Moh                Advisor: Huntley, J.
Analysis of the Spectrum of SL(3,Z)SL(3,R)/SO(3,R)
Michael Salwen                Advisor: Anshel, M.
Quantom Computational Attack on Two Diophantine
Dragomir Saric                  Advisor: Keen, L.
Complex Earthquakes are Holomorphic
Mahmoud Zeinalian       Advisor: Sullivan, D.
On Some Local Combinatorial Invariance of Homology Manifolds
Mohammad Abu Tabanjeh         Advisor: Pan, V.
Effective Cauchy-Like  Computations
Daniella Bak                      Advisor: Anshel, M.
Properties of Shuffle Groups and their Relation to Cryptography
Abdellatif Bellahnid        Advisor: Nathanson, M.
A General Pollard Type Result for Restricted Sums
Zhao Qin Chen                 Advisor: Pan, V.
On Some Numerical and Algebraic Computations with Matrices and Polynomials
Gordon Crandall              Advisor: Dodziuk, J.
Isoperimetry and Lattices on Groups of Heisenberg Type
Ching-Fen Fuh                  Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Presentations and Isoperimetric Functions of Finitely Generated Metabelian Groups
Sidney Raffer                    Advisor: Mate, A.
Some Diophantine Properties of Ordered Polynomial Rings     
Youssef Rami                    Advisor: Pan, V.
Newton's Method for Structured Matrices
Evan Siegel                        Advisor: Velling, J.
Ruling Euclidean 3-Space
Srinath Baba                     Advisor: Jordan, B.
Diophantine Properties of Arkin-Lehner Quotients of Shimura Curves
Maria Belianina Advisor: Anshel, M.
Studies in Algorithmic Graph Theory
Aleksandar Bulatovic      Advisor: Gardiner, F.
Forgetful Mappings between Teichmueller Spaces
Chokri Cherif                     Advisor: Sibner, R.
An Application of the Fixed Point Theorem to Image Compression
Shu-Ping Han                    Advisor: Nathanson, M.
Studies in the Structure of Sumsets
Maria Weiss                      Advisor: Parikh, R.
Completeness of Certain Bimodal Logics for Subset Spaces
Joel Zablow                       Advisor: Bendersky, M.
Loops, Waves and an Algebra for Heegaard Splittings
Edward Arroyo                 Advisor: Anshel, M.
Dawson's Chess, Short on Graphs and Graph Involutions
Irina Gladkova                  Advisor: Moura, J.
The Zak Transform and New Approach to Waveform Design
Roland Kargl                     Advisor: Thompson, R
An Unstable Adams Spectral Sequence Based on a Generalized Homology Theory
Ivan Petrovic                    Advisor: Gardiner, F.
A Teichmuller Model for Period Doubling
Marina Saadia-Otero      Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
The Composition of Finite Hilbert Transform with the Differentiation Operator
Kaiyan Zhao                      Advisor: Anshel, M.
The Combinatorics of Chessboards
Ai-Long Zheng                  Advisor: Pan, V.
Studies in Algorithms for Fast Structured Matrices Computations and Their Applications
Francis Castro                   Advisor: Moreno, C.
Exponential Sums and L-Functions over Finite Fields
Olen Dias                            Advisor: Pan, V.
Effective Computations with Dence Structured Matrices and Applications to Polynomial Evaluation and Interpolation
Timothy Gendron            Advisor: Sullivan, D.
Fuchsian Germs
Huale Huang                     Advisor: Moskowitz, M.
On the Structure of the Space of Lattices in a Class of Simply Connected, 2-step Solvable Real Lie Groups and Genus Sets of Certain Spaces
Xiaohan Huang                Advisor: Pan, V.
Algorithms for Fast Rectangular Matrix Multiplications and Their Applications
Guiai Peng                         Advisor: Sullivan, D.
On the Dynamics of Nondegenerate Polynomial Endomorphisms of C2
Gregory Stein                   Advisor: Vasquez, A.
Factoring Cyclotomic Polynomials over Finite Fields
Patrick Touhey                 Advisor: Roitberg, J.
A Phantom Dissertation
Anthony Weaver             Advisor: Kulkarni, R.
Moduli Spaces of Hyperelliptic Riemann Surface
Katherine Wyatt              Advisor: McAloon, K.
Decomposition Methods for Disjunctive Linear Programming and Fixed-Income Porfolio Selection
Wei-Chen Yao                   Advisor: Moreno, C.
The Arithmetic and Geometry of Bianchi Groups
Robert Blackburn            Advisor: Marcus, M.
Large Deviations of Local Times of Levy Processes
Ernest Gilde                       Advisor: Kaplan, S.
On Some Problems Converning Anti-Wick Operators
Shuechin Huang              Advisor: Kulkarni, R.
The Geometry & Topology of Finitely Generated Fuchsian Groups
Ilia Kapovitch                    Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Quasiconvex Subroups of One-Relator Groups with Torsion
Juliette Kennedy              Advisor: Mate, A.
On Embedding Models of Arithmetic into Reduced Powers
Marvin Shumowitz          Advisor: Anshel, M.
Algorithms in the Theory of One Relator Groups
Meiyu Su                           Advisor: Sullivan, D.
Measured Solenoidal Riemann Surfaces and Holomorphic Dynamics
Lei Yang                              Advisor: Jordan, B.
Noson Yanofsky               Advisor: Heller, A.
Obstructions to Coherence: Natural Noncoherent Associativity and Tensor Functors
Paolo Barbano                 Advisor: Moskowitz, M.
Automorphism and Quasi-Conformal Mappings of Heisenberg-type Groups
Yungyen Chiang              Advisor: Keen, L.
Pleating Varieties in the Maskit Embeddings of Teichmuller Spaces of Punctured Spheres
Andre De Carvalho          Advisor: Sullivan, D.
Pruning Fronts and the Formation of Horseshoes
Richard Goldstone          Advisor: Heller, A.
Geometric Realization of Homotopy Systems
Martin Helm                      Advisor: Nathanson, M.
On Sidon Sets and Related Topics in Additive Number Theory
Jun Hu                                Advisor: Sullivan, D.
Renormalization, Rigidity and Universality in Bifurcation Theory
Nikola Lakic                       Advisor: Gardiner, F.
Automorphisms of Teichmuller Spaces of Infinite Topological Type
Jeffrey Litwin                    Advisor: Auslander, L.
Fourier Transform Approximation and Riemann Sum Approximation for Functions that Decay in Time and Frequency
Mirco Mannucci              Advisor: Heller, A.
Categorical Semantics of Modal Doctrines
Elizabeth Schneider        Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Invariants of 1-Relator Groups and Residual Properties of Amalgamated Products
Kevin Shen                        Advisor: Marcus, M.
Some Bounds for the Expected Number of Level Crossing of Certain Hamonizable Infinitely Divisible Processes
Arthur Sowa                      Advisor: Dodziuk, J.
Geometric Unification of Schrodinger and Yang - Mills Equations and Riemannian Spectra of Vector Bundles
Dimitri Vulis                       Advisor: Anshel, M.
Crypto System Based on Collection Process
Debe Bednarchak            Advisor: Feldman, E.
Heat Diffusion on Graphs
Salvador Liriano               Advisor: Baumslag, G.
The Variety of Representation of Certain Classes of Groups
Ronald Skurnick               Advisor: Malkevitch, J.
Integer Sequences Associated with Trees
Maryam Vulis                   Advisor: Anshel, M.
Computational Study of the Factor Groups of the Lower Central Series of a Certain Free Product
Fangjun  Arroyo               Advisor: Heller, A.
Category Coherence for Symmetric Monodial Categories
William Baker                   Advisor: Bendersky, M.
Geometry Behind the Unstable Adams Spectral Squence
Alessandra Carbone        Advisor: Parikh, R.
On Logical Flow Graphs
Adam Epstein                   Advisor: Sullivan, D.
Powers of Finite Type Complex Analytic Maps
Konstantinos Georgatos               Advisor: Parikh, R.
Modal Logics for Topological Spaces
Frank Geshwind               Advisor: Auslander, L.
The Weil Transform and Ambiguity Functions
Susan Hom                        Advisor: Malkevitch, J.
Properties of Plane 3-Connected Polytopal Graphs
Randi Lerohl                      Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
On the Poincare-Bertrand Transformation Formula
Dasarat Misir                     Advisor: Heller, A.
Some Observations on Proper Homotopy
Austin Reller                      Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
The Helmholtz Equation on Periodic Domains in the Plane
Edson Defaria                   Advisor: Sullivan, D.
Proof of Universality for Critical Circle Mapping
Harold Finz                        Advisor: Anshel, M.
Studies in Computational Group Theory
Dal Jeong                           Advisor: Malkevitch, J.
Polytopal Graphs and Arrangements of Curves
Jeffrey McGowan            Advisor: Dodziuk, J.
The p-Spectrum of the Laplacian on Compact Hyperbolic Three Manifolds
Waldemar Paluba            Advisor: Sullivan, D.
On Conjugacies of Infinitely Renormalizable Maps
Miguel Arcones                Advisor: Gine, E.
On the Asymtotic Theory of the Bootstrap
George Danas                   Advisor: Heller, A.
Group Extensions and Cohomology Theory in Cartesian Closed Categories
Wei-Hua Jiang                  Advisor: Keen, L.
On the Dynamics of λTan Z
Georgios Mantzivis         Advisor: Mate, A.
Circuit in Bounded Arithmetic
Sudhakara Mishra           Advisor: Cohn, H.
Rays of Small Integer Solution of Homogeneous Ternary Quadratic Equations
Fotios Paliogiannis          Advisor: Kaplan, S.
Spectral Theory Using Operator Algebra Techniques
Sharon Persinger             Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Groups with One Defining Relation
Despina Polemis              Advisor: Moreno, C.
The Brill-Noether Theorem with Application to A.G. Goppa Codes and Exponential Sums
Yeh Jonathan Tien           Advisor: Anshel, M.
Neural Petri Nets and Their Applications to Combinatorial Games
Terry Fung                         Advisor: Cohn, H.
Fundamental Domains of Modular Subgroups Using Isometric Circles
Frank Isaacs                      Advisor: Kaplan, S.
Comparing the Deficienty Indices of t*t and tt*, Where t is an Ordinary Differential Operator with Smooth Coefficients
Xing-De Jia                         Advisor: Nathanson, M.
Some Results in Additive Number Theory
Yunping Jiang                   Advisor: Sullivan, D.
Generalized Ulam-von Newmann Transformations
Saoping Loo                      Advisor: Burr, S.
Multicolor Ramsey Numbers for Disjoint Unions of Graphs
Zhi-Min Yan                      Advisor: Koranyi, A.
Some Classes of Generalized Hypergeometric Functions in Several Variables
Michael Cook                   Advisor: Auslander, L.
Crystallographic Space Groups and Algorithms
Ming Wang                       Advisor: Kulkarni, R.
Ad-c.r. Geometries in Dimension ≤ 4
Dona Boccio                      Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
On the Finite Hilbert Transform
Myoung Hee Shenefelt                 Advisor: Auslander, L.
Group Invariant Finite Fourier Transforms
James Searl                       Advisor: Heller, A.
Rational Homotopy Theory: the General Milpotent Case
Juan Seguel                       Advisor: Auslander, L.
Sparse Matrix Factorization For Fast Symmetric
Andrea Sorbi                     Advisor: DiPaola, R.
The Fine Structure of the Medvedev Lattice and the Partial Degree
Myong-Hi Kim                  Advisor: Shub, M.
Complexity of Newton-Euler Type Algorithms
Walter Miller                     Advisor: Shub, M.
Differentiating Invariant Manifolds of Dynamical Systems with Applications to Melnikov Theory
Diego Benardette            Advisor: Shub, M.
Topological Equivalence of Flows on Homogeneous Spaces, Divergence of Subgroups, and Asymptotic Homotopy Classes
Carol Hurwitz                    Advisor: Heller, A.
On the Homotopy Theory of Monoids
Richard Jarnagin              Advisor: Anshel, M.
Statistical Aspects of Data Structures for Database Systems
Diana Kalish                      Advisor: Feldman, E.
The Morse Index Theorem with ends Submanifolds
Richard Rywkin                Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
Applications of the Stationary Phase to Solution of the Helmholtz Equation in Exterior Domains
Richard Sarkisian             Advisor: Hoobler, R.
Weil Numbers and Forms for Varieties Over Finite Fields
Claude Sureson                Advisor: Kanamori, A.
Excursion en mesurabilite
Katherine Weld                Advisor: Dyer, E.
Computability of Homotopy Groups of Nilpotent Complexes
Katalin Bencsath-Mezei                Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Some Generalization of One Relator Groups
Howard Pzena                  Advisor: Cohn, H.
The Explicit Construction of Ring Class Fields with Applications to Quadratic Forms
Bharti Temkin                   Advisor: Auslander, L.
On a Linear Diophantine Problem of Frobenius for Three Variables
Michael Vulis                    Advisor: Auslander, L.
New Algorithms for the Multi-Dimensional DFT
Clara Wajngurt                 Advisor: Cohn, H.
Solutions of Diophantine Equations Over C(t) and Complex Multiplication
Mahmood Haghighi        Advisor: Cohn, H.
Relative Integral Basis in Algebraic Number Fields
Peter Joffe                         Advisor: Malkevitch, J.
Some Properties of 3-Polytopal Graphs
Robert Johnson                Advisor: Auslander, L.
Presentations of Solvmanifolds
Martin Lewinter               Advisor: Chavel, I.
Flat Points on Continuous Isometric Deformations of Connected Planar Regions
Mark Perlin                       Advisor: Kaplan, S.
Random Graphs Applied to the Immune Network
Whitney Harris                 Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
Solution of the Neumann Problem, for the Helmholtz Equation, in the Exterior of a Surface with Corners
Max Hoefer                       Advisor: Keen, L.
Numerical Solutions of the Korteweg-deVries Equation
Satindra Kush                   Advisor: Cohn, H.
A Q-Analogue of Macrobert's E-Functions
Daniel Aulicino                 Advisor: Cohn, H.
Units, Admissible Oriented Parallelopiped, and Bases
Ephraim Feig                     Advisor: Auslander, L.
Some Results in Algebraic Complexity Theory
Allen Gorin                        Advisor: Feldman, E.
On the Volume of Tubes
Farley Mawyer                 Advisor: Cohn, H.
Units in Parameterized p-adatropic Number Fields
Frances Sullivan               Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Wreath Products of Lie Algebras
Helena Wisniewski          Advisor: Shub, M.
Rate of Approach to Minima and Sinks
Gerald   Flynn                    Advisor: Rauch, H.
Solutions of Prandtl's Boundary Layer Equations Using Linear Programming and Mapping
Jew-Chen Hwang             Advisor: Cohn, H.
The Unframified Quadratic Extensions of Pure Cubic Fields
Howard Samowitz           Advisor: Hoffman, A.
Towards a Theory of Atoll Decompositions
Fred Buckley                     Advisor: Hoffman, A.
Ramsey Functions on Graphs
Michael Ecker                   Advisor: Rauch, H.
Non-Linear Bending Theory--the Ellipsoid
Arnold Fischthal               Advisor: Isaac, R.
Some Topics on the Theory of Recurrent Markov Process
Mahendra Jani                 Advisor: Dyer, E.
Induced Shape Fibrations and Fiber Shape Equivalence
Sharon Petrushka            Advisor: Auslander, L.
On the Theory of Distinguished Subspaces of L^2 of Heisenberg Nilmanifolds
Sheldon Rothman           Advisor: Moskowitz, M.
The Von Neumann Kernel and Minimally Almost Periodic Groups
Maria Sinay                       Advisor: Rauch, H.
Non-Linear Bending and Buckling of Shallow Spherical Shells
Lennox Superville            Advisor: Hoffman, A.
Various Aspects of Max-Algebra
Marysia Weiss                  Advisor: Randol, B.
Lattice Point Problems
Deborah Zvi                      Advisor: Hoffman, A.
"Greedy" Algorithms for Optimization Problems on the Lattice Polyhedron
Leo Chosid                         Advisor: Isaac, R.
Stationary Stochastic and Discrete Markov Process
Pearl Greenberguer        Advisor: Jacquet, H.
Fourier Transforms of Representations of Finite General Linear Groups
Arthur Levenglick            Advisor: Young, P.
Characterizations of Social Decision Functions
Allen Scholnick                 Advisor: Heller, A.
Representability in Categories without Completeness and Applications to Localization
Helen Strassberg              Advisor: Jacquet, H.
L-Function and Automorphic Forms: An Application of the Poisson Summation Formula
Michael Thomson           Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Subgroups of Finitely Presented Solvable Linear Groups
Margaret Askanas           Advisor: Smullyan, R.
On Truth and Probability in Peano Arithmetic
Terence Coffee                 Advisor: Rauch, H.
The Stability of Plane Couette Flow
Neal Jacobs                       Advisor: Rauch, H.
Deep Buckling of a Thin Oblate Spheroidal Shell Under Uniform Normal Pressure
Basharat Jamil                  Advisor: Hoffman, A.
On the Line Graphs of the Complete Multipartite Graphs
Walter Modrys                 Advisor: Lewittes, J.
Modular Forms for Γo(p)
Umesh Nagarkatte          Advisor: Heller, A.
Fourier Series and Hecke Operators on GL(3,R)
Peter Rolland                    Advisor: Hoffman, A.
On the Uniqueness of the Tetrahedral Association Scheme
William Wolfe                   Advisor: Randol, B.
The Asymptotic Distribution of Lattice Points in Hyperbolic Space
Michael Gargano             Advisor: Hoffman, A.
On the Limit-Points of the Largest Eigenvalues of Certain Symmetric Matrices
Johny Hellmann               Advisor: Rauch, H.
The Non-linear Bending of a Clamped Circular Plate under Uniform Normal Pressure
Bruce Horowiz                  Advisor: Smullyan, R.
Theory of Effectively Non-Arithmetic Sets
Barbu Kestenband          Advisor: Young, P.
The Structure of Rank 3 Matroid Designs and Related Designs
Paul Massell                      Advisor: Cohn, H.
Class Groups of Real Quadratic Number Fields
Andrew Russakoff           Advisor: Young, P.
Some Results on the Transportation Polytope and the Dual Transportation Polyhedron
Arlene Hoffman               Advisor: Rauch, H.
Non-Linear Large Deflection Bending of a Clamped Square Plate Under Uniform Normal Pressure
Barry Kolb                          Advisor: Heller, A.
Torsion-layers and Generalized Hermitian Forms
Geraldine Plakun             Advisor: Kaplan, S.
Non-Existence of Solution to the Cauchy Problem for First Order Partial Differential Equations
Ronald Simenauer           Advisor: Lewittes, J.
A Space of Modular Forms
Steven Althoen                Advisor: Dyer, E.
A Seifert-van Kampen Theorem for the Second Homotopy Group
Harvey Braverman          Advisor: Auslander, L.
Abelian Groups of Two or Three Dimensional Simply Transitive Affine Motions
Noel Glick                          Advisor: Kaplan, S.
Eigenfuntion Expansions in LP
Evelyn Roman                  Advisor: Auslander, L.
Ergodic Properties of Generalized Affinities of Compact Nilmanifolds
Kwan-Yuk Sit                    Advisor: Moskowitz, M.
On Bounded Elements and Centralizers of Generalized Uniform Subgroups of Locally Compact Groups
Peter Cobb                        Advisor: Heller, A.
A Cellular Construction of Ω22
Carol Jacobowitz              Advisor: Auslander, L.
A Characterization of Lattice Nilpotent Groups of Classes Two and Three
Barbara Patterson           Advisor: Dyer, E.
One Relator Metabelian Groups
Brian Shay                         Advisor: Vasquez, A.
Polynomial-Dual Coalgebra Structure in Hoff Algebras
Louis Braun                       Advisor: Dyer, E.
On the Structure of Fibration
Susan Friedman               Advisor: Rivlin, T.
Generalized Transfinite Diameters and Generalized Chebyshev Constants
Sidney Jacobs                   Advisor: Hoffman, A.
Some Results on Cyclic Group Divisible Designs
Dana-May Latch              Advisor: Heller, A.
On Derived Functors of Limit
Helen Paisner                    Advisor: Mendelson, E.
A System of Extended Set Theory
Stanley Rabinowitz         Advisor: Hyman, H.
On Mordell's Equation y2 + k = x3, with k = ± 2n3m
Joseph Rothschild           Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
On the Computation of Topological Entropy
Rosamond Tischler          Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
Conjugacy Problems for Rk Actions
Fred Halpern                     Advisor: Smullyan, R.
Deduction in Continuous Logics
Leonard Howes                Advisor: Hoffman, A.
On Subdominantly Bounded Graphs
Kenneth Kalmanson       Advisor: Supnick, F.
Classes of Combinatorial Extrema in Certain Metric Spaces
Jack Shapiro                      Advisor: Vasquez, A.
Algebraic Properties of the Representation Ring of Compact Connected Lie Groups
David Weisman                Advisor: Kaplan, S.
Nuclear Spaces of Almost Periodic Functions with Application to Singular Integral Operators
Elinor Berger                     Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
Concerning Fixed-Point Free Orientation Preserving Homeomorphisms of the Euclidean Plane
Michael Doob                   Advisor: Hoffman, A.
On the Characterization of a Line Graph by the Spectrums of Its Adjacency Matrix
David Ellis                          Advisor: Balinski, M.
A Uniqueness Theorem in the Cauchy Problem for Linear Parabolic Operators
Mary Fox                            Advisor: Supnick, F.
On Extrema in Space-Time
Eleanor (Sava) Goldstein              Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
Some Extensions of Applications of of Weyl's Identity
Martin Katzen                   Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
On Weyl's Identity
Shaun O'Connell              Advisor: Supnick, F.
A Decomposition Theorem for a Class of 2-complexes
Henry Pogorzelski            Advisor: Smullyan, R.
Goldbach Sentences in Abstract Arithmetics ak (A)
Yael Roitberg                    Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Some Results on Parafree Groups
David Tischler                   Advisor: Sacksteder, R.
Totally Parallelizable Manifolds
Richard Tolimieri              Advisor: Auslander, L.
Theory of Solvmanifolds
Louis Billera                       Advisor: Balinski, M.
On Cores and Bargaining Sets for n-Person Cooperative Games Without Side Payments
Peter Falley                       Advisor: Schatten, R.
Ideals of Operators
Charles Masiello               Advisor: Schatten, R.
The Average of a Gauge
Stephen Meskin               Advisor: Baumslag, G.
The Isomorphism Problem for Some Classes of One-Relator Groups
David Sanders                  Advisor: Supnick, F.
On Extremal Circuits
Jonathan Brezin               Advisor: Auslander, L.
Unitary Representation Theory for Solvable Lie Groups
Jane Di Paola                    Advisor: Richardson, M.
Contributions to the Theory of Block Designs
Brigid Driscoll                    Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Algorithmic Solutions of the Conjugacy Problem in Some Generalized Free Products
Allan Gewirtz                    Advisor: Hoffman, A.
Graphs with Maximal Even Girth
Louis Quintas                    Advisor: Richardson, M.
Extrema Concerning Asymmetric Graphs
Alice Whittemore            Advisor: Baumslag, G.
Frattini Subgroups
Yuh Ching Chen                Advisor: Heller, A.
Stacks, Co-Stacks and Axiomatic Homology theory