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Current & previous semesters' course lists are


General Introductory Courses

Unless otherwise stated, the following courses are 45 hours plus conferences, 4.5 cr. [70000 level courses meet twice a week, 1 hour and 15 minutes per session.] 

MATH 70100-70200 Functions of a Real Variable
MATH 70300-70400 Functions of a Complex Variable
MATH 70500-70600 Algebra
MATH 70700-70800 Topology
MATH 70900-71000 Differential Geometry
MATH 71100-71200 Logic

Special Topics Courses

A variety of courses will be offered in special areas, number of credits and hours to be announced when scheduled. All independent research courses carry variable credits.  Appropriate prerequisites will be indicated for each course when it is given. [80000 level courses meet either once a week, 2 hours per session (3 cr.), or twice a week, 1 hour and 15 minutes per session (4.5 cr.)]

Research for the doctoral thesis requires permission of a faculty supervisor and approval by the Executive Officer.

MATH 89901 Independent Research in Analysis
MATH 89902 Independent Research in Algebra and Number Theory
MATH 89903 Independent Research in Geometry and Topology
MATH 89904 Independent Research in Logic
MATH 89905 Independent Research in Applied Math
MATH 90000 Dissertation Supervision (1 credit)

Hours and credits to be announced when given.

Courses in this number series are intended to serve as an introduction to mathematical research and will be focused on problems at a level of difficulty suitable for qualified first-year graduate students. Permission of the instructor is required.