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New Faculty

Most of the CUNY GC faculty are appointed to the doctoral faculty after being hired at a CUNY College.   They continue to work with undergraduates at the college where they were hired but now teach doctoral courses and in addtition take on the responsibilities of a doctoral faculty member at the CUNY Graduate Center.  New appointments in mathematics over the past five years are listed below:


Appointed in 2019

David Aulicino, Dynamical Systems, Geometry, (Ph.D., 2012 University of Maryland), [Brooklyn College]

Jack Hanson, Probability, Mathematical Physics, (Ph.D., 2013 Princeton), [City College]

Joel C.R. Nagloo, Model theory, Differential algebra and Number theory, (Ph.D., 2014 University of Leeds, UK) [Bronx Community College]

Andrew Obus, Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, Galois Theory, Non-Archimedean geometry, (Ph.D., 2009 University of Pennsylvania) [Baruch College, CUNY]

Appointed in 2018

Enrique Pujals, Dynamical systems, Ergodic theory, (Ph.D., 1996 Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, Brazil) [Graduate Center Professor]

Ilya Kapovich, Geometric group theory, geometric topology, ergodic theory, computability theory, (Ph.D., 1996 The Graduate Center, CUNY), [Hunter College]

Daugherty, Zajj, Combinatorial representation theory, particularly focused on diagram algebras such as Hecke, BMW, and Temperley-Lieb algebras, (Ph.D. 2010 University of Wisconsin-Madison), Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant [City College]

Mahmoud Zeinalian, algebraic topology, homotopy theory, (Ph.D., 2001 The Graduate Center, CUNY) [Lehman College]

Appointed in 2017

Khalid Bou-Rabee, Geometric Group Theory, Representation Theory of Finitely Generated Groups, (Ph.D. 2010, University of Chicago), NSF funding [The City College of New York]

Shirshendu Chatterjee, Probability, Statistics, (Ph.D. 2011, Cornell University), Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant [The City College of New York]

Uma Iyer(Ph.D. Indiana University)

Diogo PinheiroHamiltonian Dynamical Systems, Stochastic Optical Control, Mathematical Finance/ Actuarial Math, (Ph.D. 2006, The University of Warwick)


Appointed in 2016

Andrew Douglas, Lie algebras, Lie groups, representation theory, mathematical physics, (PhD 2006, University of Toronto), NSF funding [New York City College of Technology]

Alice Medvedev, Model theory (a branch of mathematical logic), difference algebra, algebraic number theory, (PhD 2007, University of California, Berkeley), NSF funding [The City College of New York]

Stephen Preston, partial differential equations, riemannian geometry, global analysis, (PhD 2002, Stony Brook University), Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant [Brooklyn College]

Joshua Sussan, representation theory, quantum topology, (PhD 2007, Yale University), NSF funding [Medgar Evers College]

Bart Van Steirteghem, representation theory, algebraic transformation groups, spherical varieties, (PhD 2004, Columbia University), NSF funding [Medgar Evers College]


Appointed in 2013

David R. Finston, Affine Algebraic Geometry, (PhD 1983, UC San Diego), NSF, NSA and NASA funding [Brooklyn College]

W. Patrick Hooper, Dynamical Systems, (PhD 2006, Stony Brook), NSF Postdoc, NSF funding [CCNY]

Bianca Santoro, Complex Geometry and Geometric Differential Equations, (PhD  2006, MIT), NSF Funding [CCNY]

Christian Wolf, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory,  (PhD 1999, Technical University of Munich). [CCNY]

Appointed in 2012

Huang, Zeno:  Complex analysis, Teichmuller theory, geometric analysis. (PhD 2003,  Rice University),   [College of Staten Island]

Ovchinnikov, Alexey: Differential algebra, differential Galois theory, symbolic computation, Representation theory,  ( Ph.D  2008,  Moscow State University,  and Ph.D.  2007, North Carolina State University).  [Queens College]

Steinberg, Benjamin: Semigroups, groups, representation theory, automata and formal language theory, (Ph.D.  1998, University of California at Berkeley).  [CCNY]

Wilson, Scott 0.: Geometry, topology of manifolds (Ph. D 2005, Stony Brook University). [Queens College]

Zamfirescu, Christina: Graph theory, algorithmic combinatorics networks, molecular complexity, intersection digraph representation.  (Master's in O.R. University of Bucharest, Ph.D. in Natural Sciences).  [Hunter College]

Appointed 2011

Gamburd, Alexander: Number theory, probability and combinatorics, Presidential Early Career Award, Sloan Fellow, NSF and ARPA funding (PhD 1999,  Princeton University) [Graduate Center Presidential Professor]

Champanerkar,Abhijit: Geometric topology,  NSF-FRG Funding (PhD 2003, Columbia University). [College of Staten Island] 

Chigogidze, Alex: Topology and functional analysis, (PhD 1980 Tbilisi University). [Dean of Science and Technology at the College of Staten Island, CUNY]

Fuchs, Gunter: Logic, PhD 2003, Humboldt University, [College of Staten Island] 

Kharlampovic,Olga : Group theory,  NSERC Funding, Marsden Award, ( PhD 1984 Leningrad State University, Doctor of Science 1990 Moscow Steklov Institute).
[Mary P. Dolciani Professor,  Hunter College]

Kofman, Ilya: Knot theory and geometric topology, NSF-FRG Funding , Simons Foundation funding, (PhD 2000, University of Maryland, College Park). [College of Staten Island]

Maher, Joseph: Geometric Topology, NSF funding (PhD 2002, University of California, Santa Barbara). [College of Staten Island] 

Sabitova, Maria: Number theory, NSF funding (PhD 2005, University of Pennsylvania). [Queens College]

Vukadinovic, Jesenko : Analysis, NSF funding  (PhD 2002, Indiana University)
 [College of Staten Island]